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Which statement best describes the government of Canada? (1 point)

The monarch of Britain has total control over Canada.

The Canadian parliament is ruled by the United States.

Canada has complete power over its own government.

The prime minister is the monarch of Canada.


What was the result of the 1995 referendum held in Quebec? (1 point)

Quebec separated from Canada.

French became the official language of Canada.

Quebec's people voted to remain part of Canada.

Quebec became part of France.


One way that European settlement changed the lives of the native peoples in the Plains region was by (1 point)

exposing them to new diseases.

building schools for their children.

giving them free land.

teaching them how to farm their land.


What happened after Canada advertised free land in European newspapers in the late 1800s and early 1900s? (1 point)

Immigration decreased.

Immigration increased.

People left Canada for Europe.

Canadians moved from the farms to the cities.


Early Spanish, British, and Russian explorers of what is now British Columbia came to the region in order to (1 point)






What was one effect of the 1858 gold rush on Vancouver Island? (1 point)

Farming increased.

Manufacturing decreased.

The population increased.

Immigration decreased.


How have residents of Canada's eastern coast dealt with changes in the fishing industry? (1 point)

They have completely given up fishing.

They only fish for cod.

They have banned aquaculture.

They concentrated on other economic activities.


How has the geography and climate of the Northern Territories influenced the population? (1 point)

Very little of Canada's population lives there.

Most of Canada's population live there.

The population is entirely indigenous.

No indigenous peoples live there.


How do Canada's territories differ from Canadian provinces? (1 point)

More wheat is grown there.

No English is spoken there.

They are governed differently.

The terrain is less rugged.


British Columbia's geography and trade partners create a strong link with the area known as (1 point)

the Pacific Rim.

Western Europe.

Eastern Europe.

South China.

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    1. The prime minister is the monarch of Canada

    2.Quebec's people voted to remain part of Canada

    3.Exposing them to new diseases.

    4.Immigration Increased.


    6.The population Increased.

    7.They concentrated on other economic activities

    8.Very little of Canada's population lives there.

    9.They are governed differently

    10.Western Europe.

    hope this helped.

    Source(s): I have been canadian my hole life and love history.
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    1.) Canada has complete power over it's own goverment

    2.) Quebec's people voted to remain part of Canada

    3.) Exposing them to new diseases

    4.) Immigration increased

    5.) Trade

    6.) The population increased

    7.) They concentrated on their economic activities

    8.) Very little of Canada's population lives there

    9.) They are governed differently

    10.) Western Europe

    Source(s): I had the same quiz and got 100%
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    Eyanah is correct and I fallowed Kelsey's answer now my teacher isn't going to drop my test :'(

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