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Another Dem mayor (ex - Detroit) gets convicted of corruption - will it ever end for them?

Just last week the dem mayor and police chief (Pittsburgh) were forced to resign pending FBI investigation. We won't even talk about IL. This is the party that is running (ruining) this country? Figures!


@ Jot - you have a point, but regarding the dem administrations of major rust belt cities... Chi, Det, Clev and Pittsburgh, it is a whole different ball game. All run by dems for decades and all trash heaps for decades,,,.. with corruption thrown in.

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    Dear jimbo,

    It’s unfortunate that so many politicians are bigger crooks than some drug pusher standing on the corner with a 9mm in his belt, and a pocket full of crack. But to say ANY one party has the lock on corruption? Ridicules.

    Our system was supposed to be designed in such a way as to allow the best among us to rise to office. Instead it to often has become which one can look into the camera, smile, and tell all of us the biggest pile of bullshi* and lies in a 20 second sound bite. And Kwame was Detroit’s best at that game. He was someone that could pump your right hand, smile for the camera, and extort 80 million in cash ALL at the same time.

    80 MILLION!? No wonder Mrs. Kilpatrick wasn’t in court today she’s probably back in Taxis siting on her husband’s safe with the nine-mike-mikes all loaded up and ready to defend agenst any feds with warrants.

    Doesn’t seem quite fair dose it Kwame? $80 million for the wife and 20 years plus for you.

    Hay Kwame! Look on the bright side… it’s going to be three hots, a cot, and all the sex your cellmate can beat out of you, for the next twenty years.

    Detroit’s not the only one getting scr^^ed

    Love Long & Perspire _\\//


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    Sad is it not. To think to represent the people and only reason to be there is to cheat the people. Remember why fix crime when so many lawyers and such make a huge amount of money off them.

    Texas brought upped a system of lawyers that was doing just that not over 15 years ago.

    Get em in, get em out quickly, and they repeat the crime and make more money off them such the State had to pay the same lawyer again and again and again.

    It is to bad they chose a field Jesus was not to happy with.

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    it particularly is o.k. it won't get almost as plenty media publicity, heaven forbid the media taint their priceless Democrats. have been is the "my s#!t do no longer stink" physique of recommendations now Democrats? my entire ingredient is whilst our human beings do something undesirable they renounce normally or take the blame, and that i'm no longer announcing the Republicans are appropriate, however the Democrats do no longer take blame and then of course rub it in whilst a Republican gets in subject. Henry VII Ih ave seen alot of his posts and he has yet to assert something sensible. he says Republicans are hypocrites. whilst purely final week the Dems have been blasting them for Craig, and he took the blame and can renounce, now this happens and that they blame the Republicans for blasting them like the blasted the Republicans can not get any clearer, case of Dem Hypocrisy, aside from the Video of all of the Dems announcing how the might vote for the conflict, and that they are an identical human beings announcing we ought to continuously in no way flow to conflict, much extra of the Democrat Hypocrisy. i like whilst human beings at here communicate they make Democrats seem so undesirable purchase announcing such ignorant issues, they do no longer think of he gets arrested, wow that still does not recommend he did it, the only says he did no longer plead in charge because of the fact it did no longer very own as much because it like Craig did. thank you to coach the dishonesty of the Democrats.

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    Are you suggesting that Democrats have any worse record of municipal corruption

    than do Republicans?

    Can you be serious?

    Do you not understand that you *notice* examples of Democrats who get into

    trouble, but that Republican crooks just don't attract your attention?

    Do you not understand how your exaggerated loyalty to one party makes

    you despise members of the other? It's called "partisanship". You have

    never heard of it?

    There are tens of millions of you - Democrats and Republicans alike - who are

    convinced that all of the good guys are in your party and all of the bad guys are

    in the other one. It's the black hat/white hat fallacy.

    You really ought to try to outgrow such immature thinking.

    In fact, there are good and bad people in *****BOTH***** parties.

    Start living in the real world.

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