Questions about the Capcom co.?

ok, im trying to find certian things about it but the stupid "latest" school blockage system blocks nearly every site i go on (how it doesnt block this is beyond me O.o -_-') any way, just some questions that need to be answered.

What services does capcom offer? (i asked my freind this and he was worthless -_-')

what are the brand names of capcom's products?

who is capcoms competition? (i know square enixwould be one of them, but i mean main competition, not just any game companies)

how has the buissness done in the past 3 years? (curse u blockage systems why dont u cooperate >.<)

what new products or services are they starting?

what makes this buissness sucsesfull? (besides making great games with amazing story lines nad neat graphics? have no idea)

well, hopefully some1 will be kind enough to help me out on here, other wise i'll be forced to talk baby talk to explain to the "adults" as to why they need to stop upgrading there worthless bl,ockage system that blocks nearly EVERYTHING............

1 Answer

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