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Estee Lauder Skin Care: Opinions on routine?

I use Estee Lauder makeup and skin care. It's by far the best cosmetics I've used, even used Lancome, Chanel, Clinique and several others but Estee Lauder seems to be better quality for my skin. I also have cystic acne so I have to take medications (Minocycline, Spironolactone, Clindamycin and Trentinoin) and have oily skin, but I wanted to get an opinion of my night routine.

Face wash, cleanse with oil control toner, advanced night repair serum, Idealist pore refining lotion, (sometimes then the clear difference oil control hydrator), use a little eye cream and finish with the daywear moisturizer (because it wasn't until I read it that I realized it wasn't just for "day" LOL).

Is this a pretty good order, should I do different steps? I usually use the oil control hydrator as a face primer before my makeup (that was suggested by the Estee Lauder consultant). What do you guys think?

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    The sun and too much soaking in the tub or pool are skin's worst enemies.

    Less is MORE. Less skin poisoning. The only product I use: Powder blush - Dior. Powder Foundation - Revlon. Eye shadow - Cover Girl. Pencil eyeliner - Maybelline, or big fat pencil from Nat Robbins. Lipstick - Origins, but I have other high end products, too. Perfume - Chanel 5, I like Bulgary Mon Jasmin Noir, too!

    I use a wide brim hat or umbrella when I'm outside. I use a wash cloth to exfoliate my skin, using bath & body wash. Hardly use moisturizer, I did used Oil of Olay for 35 years the orig. pink bottle, but I haven't used that for 3 years. I still have silky, smooth, soft skin.


    All the vitamins & minerals you need for good skin care comes from all the healthy foods you eat from Mother Nature.

    Another way to find the secret to beautiful flawless, silky, soft, smooth complexion? Find someone with beautiful healthy clear complexion, preferably someone who is 40-60 years older than YOU. I have 5 decades, so you're getting the answers you need, right here! I won't charge you a penny!

    Source(s): 5 decades of great skin care, flawless complexion. Started taking care of my skin from age 9.
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