What kind of lighting equipment do cinematographers use?

I would like to know where I can find a book or another source that educates you on the equipment and lights that cinematographers and their crew use. Also the different kinds of lights specific models that they use on sets today and so on.

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    Cinematographers use lighting, lens selection, filtration, exposure and focus to create a particular look on motion picture film stock, videotape or digital files. Standard and high definition video and film are used as original mediums for documentaries, national commercials, feature films, movies of the week and television series productions.

    Results are not instantly visible when using motion picture cameras, they only become evident during editing. Therefore, cinematographers must rely on their knowledge and experience to anticipate the effect production decisions will have on the final image. Their primary responsibility is to define an appropriate look and determine how best to achieve it.

    In general, cinematographers:

    control and create the photographic or electronic images for every second of film and video footage

    select the type of camera, lighting equipment, film, video camera menus, filters and lenses to be used

    adjust cameras for desired focus, exposure, composition and other settings

    participate in file or image processing and grading of digital file-based media and video images for computer editing

    participate in the transfer process in which film negatives are digitally transformed to video images for computer editing

    alter video camera menus to achieve the desired effect

    work closely with the director and other production crew members.

    Depending on the size and scope of the project, cinematographers may be directors of photography or they may operate and set up camera and lighting equipment themselves. Directors of photography also may:

    attend production meetings and collaborate with directors regarding lighting and camera needs

    direct the work of several assistants

    prepare and administer budgets.

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    Everything !

    From super expensive HMI lights to china ball lights from Ikea. They all have value.

    Sometimes simple is best. Simple sheets of white foamcore make great bounce cards. Go on Amazon and you will find lots of books on lighting. And youtube and Vimeo have many lighting videos.

    Try this one...


    Youtube thumbnail


    Source(s): Cinematographer
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  • 7 years ago

    Just search up professional studio lighting. There's HMI, Tungsten, LED, fluorescent, etc. Then the accessories: soft box, reflectors, barn doors, gels, dimmers, etc.

    Great online stores with equipment. Just browse and get familiar with it. Search up terms when you find something interesting to learn more about it:



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    Source(s): Take Perfect Photos http://teres.info/ProPhotographyCourse/?m6bY
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