Passing out Freqently Help!!!?

Info on body~ 16 weight 120 height 5'2'' Allergies: Milk, Anything with Fer, chlorine, Grass, Pollen, Weed, that's all i know of. i am sexually active. and i recently just got out of depression.

i passed out like 4 times in the last 1.5 years first time i was having sex with this guy - not my first time. and i was on top for like 1 hour no brakes. i ended up passing out on him. .. second time i was with my bf 2 months after my first " passing out" we were cooking in the kitchen and as soon as i turned around his elbow hit me st rate in the for head. and ended getting knocked out. 3rd time i was when i was out with my friend and we went to his friends house and they started to smoke weed. i didnt smoke so i didn't but later on that day i ended up passing out on his shoulder after zoning out for 5 min and falling back (he said) so like the

last time i didn't actual faint but i felt the dizziness and i felt the wobblyness . so i was at his house and we were playing video games mMosleybblack ops2 and the gGraphicsmess with my head aallotso i sstop edplaying after like 4 rounds of vs other players cuz igot a head ach so i llay eddown and like from there it got wworseand feeling my body heat up eextremely. and and he was cconcerned cuz i was spending the day at his house and he knew i didn't eat yet. ( come to think about it i didnt think i ate any of the other days aether ) so he took me up to the kitchen and walked around stumbling everywhere i got really dizzy so i lay ed down on his bed for 5 min got up still dizzy and wobbly just not as bad. he had me sit in a chair while he fixed ramen and he forced me to eat. cuz i dint eat much because of my selfcousions and i think im fat. so he ended up feeding me. after that i was all fine no problems. that was like 3 weeks ago.

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  • 7 years ago
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    Having read your question I think possibly you may have hit the nail on the head,not eating appears to be the common factor.This can not be allowed to continue and I urge you to consult your Doctor about this situation before you pass out in a place where it could be of danger to you.

    Trying to second guess an ailment or possible illness is a risky business,my advice to you,if you are still concerned is to seek out a medical opinion.It is always best to see your Doctor earlier rather than later so he/she can diagnose what the problem may be and give you the correct treatment for your condition,or if needed refer you on to a specialist.

    I hope this condition clears up speedily for you.


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