♂ WDYT of these boy names?

I am not pregnant; I just love names.

♂ David Benjamin

♂ Grant Owen

♂ Gregory Thomas

♂ Jesse Robert

♂ Kevin Andrew

♂ Nicholas Adam

♂ Sean Christopher

♂ Walter Phillip

The most detailed answer will get ten points. =)


BQ: What would you name twin boys using your favorite names?

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  • Amber
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    8 years ago
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    David Benjamin - 8/10 I really like both names and they flow nice

    Grant Owen - 6/10 I really like Owen not a hugh fan of Grant

    Gregory Thomas - 7/10 I like Gregory and love Thomas and they flow well

    Jesse Robert - 8/10 I really like both and they flow well

    Kevin Andrew - 9/10 I love the name Kevin (My brothers name) and really like Andrew and they flow well.

    Nicholas Adam - 10/10 I love Nicholas and it flows nice with Adam

    Sean Christopher - 8/10 I love the name Sean not a hugh fan of Christopher but they flow ok

    Walter Phillip - 5/10 Not a hugh fan of either but they flow ok

    BQ: Using my favorites Luke Daniel & Nathaniel Chase "Luke & Nate"

    Using your names - Nicholas Adam & Kevin Andrew "Nick & Kevin"

  • 8 years ago

    I have ordered them :)

    Sean Christopher

    David Benjamin

    Grant Owen

    Gregory Thomas

    Jesse Robert

    Nicholas Adam

    Walter Phillip

    Kevin Andrew

    BQ: If I had twin boys I'd name them Micah and James

  • 8 years ago

    I'm guessing your asking what I think of each name

    ♂ David Benjamin

    I really love the name David and Benjamin is actually one of my faves.

    ♂ Grant Owen

    One of my best friends name is Grant, and Owen is a really awesome middle name.

    ♂ Gregory Thomas

    I'm sad to say but I actually don't like either of those

    ♂ Jesse Robert

    Jesse is an awesome name, Robert is okay.

    ♂ Kevin Andrew

    I hate the name Kevin But Andrew is a rather good middle name.

    ♂ Nicholas Adam

    Both very good names.

    ♂ Sean Christopher

    Sean is great Christopher is also great.

    ♂ Walter Phillip

    Haha, great name, Walter. Phillip is good too.

    Twin names:

    Milo and Otis♥

    Roan and Gabriel

    Martin and John

    Rory and David

    Source(s): Oppinions :)
  • 8 years ago

    ♂ David Benjamin- Dislike David, like Benjamin

    ♂ Grant Owen- Dislike Grant, love Owen

    ♂ Gregory Thomas-Dislike both names

    ♂ Jesse Robert-dislike both names

    ♂ Kevin Andrew-dislike Kevin, Andrew is ok

    ♂ Nicholas Adam-Like Nicholas, Adam is ok

    ♂ Sean Christopher-Dislike both names

    ♂ Walter Phillip-dislike both names

    I would suggest Owen Benjamin

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  • 8 years ago

    ♂ David Benjamin = i love it

    ♂ Grant Owen = it's an okay name, not a fan of either

    ♂ Gregory Thomas = i don't like Gregory but i like thomas

    ♂ Jesse Robert = i like both names but not together

    ♂ Kevin Andrew = Kevin is nice, Andrew is okay, don't flow well together though

    ♂ Nicholas Adam = love both names but switch them to Adam Nicholas

    ♂ Sean Christopher = both are nice but switch them to Christopher Sean

    ♂ Walter Phillip = i don't like Walter but Phillip is nice, they do flow well though

    For twin boys

    William & Anthony

    Adam & Tristan

    Nathaniel & Charles


  • : )
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    8 years ago

    Favourite of yours, Walter Owen and Phillip Grant.

    Charles Jeffrey & Oliver James "Charlie & Oliver/Ollie"

    Best Wishes x

  • 4 years ago

    CONSTANTINE 4/10 It sounds wicked superb, even though it truly is way too lengthy. It needs a nickname, yet there aren't any sturdy ones. SETH 6/10 It sounds ok, even though it would not incredibly in good structure everyone lower than 30. PHINEAS a million/10 The nickname Finn should be cool, yet Phineas sounds like it belongs contained in the previous. THADDEUS 0/10 very akin to Phineas, in basic terms with out the sturdy nickname. TYBERIUS 0/10 I went too low with the different ones. This one is unquestionably worse than Thaddeus. It reminds me of a Siberian tiger. It sounds like a ingredient. Like an era, or an animal, or a type of ingredient. am i able to fee it detrimental? the in basic terms ingredient this has going for it truly is the nickname Ty. Rio or RIVER (inspite of the very undeniable truth that I like it on a woman) Colt or Colton (neither, i ought to %. a popularity that wasn't, and did not take me back to the very truth of, a gun) SHANE or Shawn (yet when spelt properly, then i ought to %. Sean) GAVIN or Hawk (considering the fact that at the same time as is Hawk a popularity?) INDIANA or Indigo or Indio (the very undeniable truth that Indiana Jones is male makes it quite ideal)

  • 8 years ago

    Kevin Andrew!

  • 8 years ago

    They're ok

    Lucas James

    Seth Daniel

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    DAVID BENJAMIN! love that name!

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