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Joe asked in PetsOther - Pets · 7 years ago

What are your views on buying animals from Pet stores?

Pets, they are usually bought at Pet stores. Rabbits and Guinea pigs are in shelters waiting for a home while one is being bought in pet stores into housing that won't give them the care they need, but what about the minority that does take care of their pets well.

I am a experienced rabbit care owner. I undertstand cages are not suitable for them, they live to 10 years, must be nuetured, need to have 2 hours a day out of their houses and you cannot feed them that sugary pellets like KayTee. I ALWAYS agree with adoption over breeders and petstores. But I was at Pet Supplies Plus, I know these chain stores have pets from mills. But I was thinking about buying it.

The way I think of it is that your still saving a precious life ether way. You see when someone like me who is educated about rabbits who buys from a pet store. They are saving that rabbits from being purchased by a family to be put in a easter basket. And then they realize they are a lot of work and dump them out in parks, campuses, and other places. These people feed them terrible food, make them live in cage..And never get them nuetured or spayed. But I will do the complete opposite as I have many times before! I don't know what to do. I want to adopt, but I know the adoption center will match the rabbit with a loving home. And pet stores cant. Your gonna say ur supporting a cruel business. And I agree, but at the end of the day there is a living rabbit. I don't know what to do. Should I get the rabbit from that store. or not? I want other peoples views! I greatly appreciate it. PLEASE don't think of me as some cruel person. I really care for animals and I know a lot about rabbits. It is extremely sad the mill business but you got my points. Your saving a rabbit to a bad home at the end of the day.

Thank you so much!


Yes, I like your point. If enough people stopped then the mills would be over and that would be wonderful. But I think people are reading the title and JUMPING to an answer. I am caring, I am saving the rabbit to a bad home. And it is not gonna stop the mill business... Unless laws happen, and if you knew me personally I have done some times to try to pass a law aganist animal mills! But I still believe my points.

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    I agree that buying a rabbit from a pet store is akin to saving it's life many times, although I do in some ways still view it as support of a business ill-equipped to sell rabbits. Personally, I would never get a rabbit from a pet store, or a shelter for that matter. It sounds strange to say I wouldn't adopt from a shelter, but in my opinion many shelters are unforgivably ignorant about rabbits - almost as much as a pet store. I would only buy from a breeder I have deemed responsible (not the mill breeders). That way I know the rabbit is not diseased, inbred, unsocialized, or a breed cross that often results in a higher risk for health problems. But I don't think it's wrong to buy from a pet store. In fact, I have been very tempted to do the same thing because I was so worried about the sick rabbits at the store. Instead, I settled for writing the business about it's unhealthy rabbits. :)

    Oh, and Pet Supplies Plus would, in my opinion, be one of the better pet stores you could buy from.

    Source(s): Owned a rabbit, former 4H rabbit ambassador and ARBA member
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    I think its great that you take such good care of your rabbits! I don't think that its a bad thing to get that rabbit. You can boycott the pet stores but most people wont so these animal mills will continue on no matter what you do. But I don't think that all the homes these animals go to are bad. The people mean well, hey just aren't educated yet. I see nothing wrong with getting an animal from a pet store. If your going to give him a loving home than give it to him.

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    I think if you buy animals from a shelter, you're giving them a second chance at a home, and someone who will love them. But also, if you buy from a pet store, you're saving an animal from an extremely small cage, and the animals in the pet stores probably came from mills where they were over crowded and if you buy them, you're giving them a chance for a loving home, something that they probably never experienced. So either way I think it's good.

  • Sara
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    7 years ago

    Yes, you're saving that particular rabbit's life by purchasing it and yes, you are giving money to a bad breeder. What you need to keep in mind, though, is that giving that person money won't save any of the animals that are produced after the one you buy. By encouraging this behavior (ie: buying the animals), the people will only breed more. If everyone quit buying animals from these people, eventually there would be no money to be made. When the money dries up, these people quit breeding.

    You'd be doing more rabbits a favor and working to pass a law in your area outlawing irresponsible breeding.

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  • Ocimom
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    The only pets I've ever gotten from a pet store are fish, lizards, hamsters and parakeets. Anything bigger then that was gotten thru friends, family or adopted from a shelter or taken in a stray. Only later did I actually buy my purebred cats from reputable breeders since I got into showing and breeding.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    While if you get an animal from a pet store you are most likely supporting puppy mills if it is a dog. The best way to get FOREVER pet is to go to your local shelter...all animals deserve a second chance.

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