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Difference between carmel and carmel swirl coffee and at Dunkin Donuts?

Same with cinnamon and cinnamon swirl...what's the difference? Also, has anyone tried the new irish creme flavor? Is it any good? What does it taste like?

Thanks :)

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    DD has syrups and sugar-free shots. While the caramel shot and the caramel syrup do both taste like caramel, they do not taste similar and I find that most of our customers prefer the syrup over the shot--which is why when you ask for a caramel coffee, you will be served the syrup unless you specify otherwise.

    The Irish Cream is yummy. It's a bit like a mix between our caramel and French vanilla, but it doesn't feel nearly as thick, heavy, or sugary as our other syrups so it feels refreshing.

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