What are good dating sites to meet someone special?

I'm already on POF and some of the guys on there just want to have sex. Is there any free dating sites with guys who want a real relationship?

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  • 8 years ago
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    It sounds like your looking for someone really special -- And that takes time. Most of the major dating sites, which I can't say by name because of policy -- but you know the ones. First of all, you must understand that some, but not all men and women aren't very honest with their profiles -- in other words...they lie about their age, height, weight, etc... And it doesn't matter how secure the dating site is, it just can't monitor peoples behavior.

    You have to be your own private detective so to speak on these so-called dating sites. You can't expected to fine a man or woman so easily -- even if you looked online/offline you must ask question, get to know that person, dig deep, have a conversation. If that person talks about nothing but sex and can't seem to hold a intelligent conversation without being it up -- well that person isn't worth the time of day. Be nice and say your not what I'm looking for...move on and keep looking for the man or woman that fits the bill!

    I Wish You the Best

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