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Can any conservative defeat Noam Chomsky in a debate?

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    F*** no. I don't think they even try. The William F. Buckley interview being a notable exception.

    But, as Chomsky said on the "Manufacturing Consent" documentary, he wouldn't be given the time to establish his basic claims in the current 30 second soundbite culture. To most people, he would sound like a total kook. Most people haven't even examined the notion that the media isn't the "liberal media."

    I'm not in perfect agreement with Chomsky, but he's definitely been the most formative influence on my own thinking. He's freakin' awesome.

    Added: Someone said "Newt Gingrich." Really? What's he going to do, dazzle us with the possibility of moonbases, if only we open it up to private competition? Actually, he might have a point. I can imagine Starbucks opening a moon location.

    • Cody M5 years agoReport

      Even for a Chomskyite, you're a ******* moron.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Many people talk of Chomsky here, but have they listened to him debating a point or did they read some of his papers?

    I came across some of his writings in a past research for a course of International Relationships and I did watch him debate quite a few people. I have rarely ever seen someone who's as articulate, clear and nuanced as he is in his thoughts... it's profoundly impressive to watch when he's debating someone. One of my teacher told me once that Chomsky was overlooked by many political scientists because he didn't have any credential in the field, but that he also earned much respect within this same field because of the very substantive arguments he puts forward in his papers. Having read him and having looked through his sources, he's indeed showing very, very solid points.

    As for conservatives, most of those we see are playing a political game... they're selling their ideas and they're well paid to do it. Same with Democrats, although they probably do not defend the same sort of interests. Still, politics is about power and interests, not truth. So, it's hard to tell if anyone within their group could debate Chomsky properly.

    • Cody M5 years agoReport

      I don't know what's funnier. that you think Chomsky's incoherent, lie-peppered muttering is "clear and nuanced", or that you fail to realize that he himself is the one pushing many, many books on gullible saps like you.

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    Anybody with the most basic knowledge of historical fact and economics would have little trouble in eviscerating Chomsky. It's why he always has to lie and bluster his way through interviews, and then usually throws a big fit and walks out.

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    Bakunin, though certainly not a conservative, seemed to have defeated both Marx and Chomsky before Chomsky was born.

    So I imagine any conservative or libertarian with a knowledge of economics and pseudo anarchists could do so. He would be subject to the same criticisms as other communists, anarcho socialist types.

    Though I don't know how economically educated he is, Ex commie David Horowitz could do so. Maybe Jamie Glazov. People very familiar with the left. People from might not criticize him as much on anarchist grounds, but the socialist side, certainly.

    Probably any of these guys:

    Maybe this guy, from the collection above:

    Or this guy:

    "Chomsky has a deep disregard of, and contempt for, the truth; a monumental disdain for standards of inquiry; a relentless strain of self-promotion; notable descents into incoherence; and a penchant for verbally abusing those who disagree with him."

    Dr. Paul Postal, MIT linguist.

    Postal has an essay here, with one of the anti Chomsky blogs:

    This guy probably thinks he can, at least:

    I don't pay much attention to him. I think there is no shortage of Right wingers bright enough to do so, but it's a matter of familiarity with his positions. So again, any Rightist either economically advanced, or just familiar with the history of the most radical left. Economist Ludwig Von Mises included anarcho-socialism with other Collectivist isms in his critiques, "Human Action", "Socialism". Even Syndicalism. But he's been dead for forty years.

    I imagine ex Marxist Thomas Sowell could, but I don't think he'd take Chomsky seriously.

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  • 7 years ago

    You should note that Chomsky would disagree with modern day liberals about as much as he would disagree with conservatives. He's a huge critic of the Democrats and considers Obama to be part of the right-wing (and I agree with him on that).

  • Mike
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    7 years ago

    Noam Chomsky is over rated. Usually by liberals who worship education like a God.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Ben Stein, Penn Gillette, Debra Medina, Virgile Goode, Gary Johnson, etc...

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    I don't know. I'd like to see him debate Charles Krauthhammer or George Will.

  • 7 years ago

    when it comes to linguistics, Chomsky has my respect; on politics, not so much

  • 7 years ago

    Chomsky is not a challenge.

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