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what are some good places to live in northern macomb county?

i currently moved from indiana into michigan. I got a really good tech job in troy but am looking for a house for my 4 kids. However we would like to live in a area that isn't that busy. Some people have told me that northern Macomb county has some nice areas such as shelby, washington, or even Rochester hill which is right by there. My wife and I both have really good salaries so we have a good budget to work with. Would anybody consider living in warren, centerline, or roseville, or even hazel park. Are those places I have just mentioned good places to live?? Thanks for your help

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    All of the areas you mentioned would be fine drives in to Troy - Troy is also a nice suburb - very diverse and things are looking up now that they ousted their wacky mayor. I would not go further west into Oakland County, however (Bloomfiled, etc.) as the commute would get ugly.

    I don't like Rochester Hills and would never live there. The school district boundaries are too weird.

    Washington is the up and coming place to live, with many new subdivisions of large, expensive houses. It is still quite rural feeling. I believe those are Romeo schools, though, so you should do some research on MEAP scores for that district. However, it is a bit off the beaten path, and the closest retail area is the mess along Hall Road, which is beyond busy.

    Shelby is right in the heart of that mess along Hall Road, so I wouldn't chose Shelby either, although there are nice, large new homes out that way, and I have to believe there are lots to choose from.

    No one with any money or desire to live in an a non-busy area would consider buying a house in Warren, Centerline, Roseville or worst of all, Hazel Park. If pushed into a corner, I might consider a house in north Warren, as it would be a good buy for the money and you'd have lots of good city services (libraries, street lights, parks, etc.) in a relatively safe community. But again, only north Warren - as far north as you can get before turning into Sterling Heights (which would be a better buy).

    All in all, I would direct you to the MEAP scores of the local schools and choose that way. Good schools are important to your kids and to resale of your house. Google search for MEAP scores.

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    Warren, Centerline & Roseville are older working class suburbs. If you want to look for something in northern Macomb county with more sopen spaces consider Shelby township and places like that. Especially if you wan t good schools and newer homes/properties. If you want to go the other direction, consider the Bloomfield Hills area which are older neighborhoods but upper class.

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