Why does the GOP fear the young vote?

I find it increasingly mind numbing to see that people like John McCain who claim to be Conservatives and Republicans are condemning one of the only Fiscal Conservatives in the game. A man who's voting record is immaculate, who has always stuck to his principles and the principles of the Conservative ideology.

Whenever Senator McCain attacked Senator Rand Paul in response to the filibuster, I found his rationale disgusting. Saying that he needs to "Stop stirring up young impressionable Libertarians in their college dorms." Oh....so the GOP is NOT interested in the young vote? Things like ignoring the young vote, minority vote, abortion rights and homosexual vote are the ONLY reason that we lose elections, because other than that, practically everybody knows that Fiscal Conservatism is the best platform for a country to run on.

Why is it that the GOP refuses to support who most Americans would support were the GOP to actually focus on them. Instead they politically assassinate them like they did Ron Paul, the greatest President we will never have.

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  • 7 years ago
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    The GOP and every conservative party in the world, has always feared the young. They basically know that there is much folly in their thought, and only till they are well into their twenties or early thirties do they get much sense into them.

    That in itself is somewhat truer today, being it as it is that current administration in the U.S. is encouraging more and more single motherhood--precisely now that teenage pregnancies were goind down substantially as never before. But no single mothers, no welfare. No welfare, no jobs created for a few social workers, supervisors of social workers, receptionists, etc.

    A job is always a job! As long as someone is willing to do the job.

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  • justa
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    7 years ago

    Its because the Pauls have some nasty civil rights baggage, that would be hard in these days to overcome on a national basis, few support them outside of their particular group.

    The GOP in general is not interested in any group but old rich white males, I think they showed that last time out, and they certainly aren't interested in ending socials security or medicare, or they won't even have the old white groups.

    Face it, the Rands have limited appeal, they won't ever be president and most of the country is pretty happy about it.

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