What to name my baby? HELP!?

Hi I'm going to be a teen mum and I need help deciding on a name :)

If it's a boy I need a 1st Name and a middle name

If its a girl I also need a 1st name and middle name.

Thanks in advance

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  • 7 years ago
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    Im Nameing My Daughters:

    Ariana Brielle, Ava Rosalie, Emma Claire

    My Boys:

    Joshua Matthew, Adrian Michael, Christopher Issac, Cameron Xavier.

    Here are some name options for you (:

    [First Names]

    Evangeline (E-van-gel-lean)

    Kylie, Annaleah, Aliyah, Alexandria, Annalise, Elisea, Waverly, Alaska, Isabelle

    Aubrey, Gabrielle, Brielle, Emily, Emiliana, Raylin, Baylee, Josephine, Jane,

    Audrey, Jasmine, Tateyana, Kaylin, Makayla, Makenna, Mckenzie, Rhianna,

    Everlie, Hope, faith, emma, aurora, jade, claire, Rosalie, Roseanna, Brianna

    Ryliegh, Delilah, Juliette, Kathrine, Charolette, Ciana, Noelle, Nicole, Kyndal,

    Annabelle, Felicity, Fallon, Maddison, Brooke, Carol, Leanna, Savannah, Serena, Sienna

    Ciara, Zendayah, Mallory, Melody, Aria, Emily, Lauren, Layla, Ezaria, Abagail, Kaitlyn,

    Megan, Mariah, Jordan, Jessica, Valerie, Malerie, Melissa, Merissa, Larissa, Karissa,

    Olivia, Sabrina, Selena, Denessa, Donika, Derrika ,Nikkita, Lorraine, Skyler, Alyssa,

    Hanna, Carly, Ariel, Arielle, Ariella, Aubriana, Sasha, Karyn, Carlene, Elizabeth,

    Angelina, Myley, Lillian, Heaven, Heavenly, Ally, Quinn, Paige, Christina, Kathy,

    Raylin, Kayla, Emmaline, Eryn, Toni, Francisca, Omari, Amari, Margerate,

    Sienna, Vanessa, Sarah, Jaclynn, Samantha, Anna, Anna-Grace, Anna-Lea,

    Serena, Natalia, Natalie,, Clarissa, Hannah, Hailey, Hadley, Harley,

    **Sory if i repeated myself, also try googeling baby name list.

    [Middle Name Options]

    Rose, Grace, Claire, Ciara, Isabelle, Sage, Taylor, Ivy, Marie, Ivy-Rose, Delilah, Danielle, Joy, Jane, Olivia, Renee, Megan. Charolette, Anne, Lynn, Annette, Juliet, Katherine, Hannah, Piper, Ezaria, Andrea, Alexandria, Gabrielle, Brielle, Rosalie, Yvonne, Willow, Zendayah, Iyanna, Natalie, Emma, Nicole Breanne, Quinn, Kai, Kyndall, Kylie, Sophia, Johanna, Josephine, Felicity, Uriel, Elizabeth, Vivien, Penelope, Aurora, Alaska, Waverly, Xena, Belle, Anna, Emliana,

    I think Elaina Isabelle, Aria Rose, Hannah Grace, Emily Kate, Gabrielle Anne, Annabelle Nicole, Alexandria Sage, Skyler Jade, Jasmine Ivy, Lilian Sky all sound pretty, (Just some examples)

    Boys: Shawn, john, chris, nicolas, nathaniel, Joshua, Adam, daniel, ryan, zacharh, xavier, cameron, jordan, kaiden, hayden, seth, michael, miles, preston, taylor, tanner, david, keegan, keaton, reed, adrian, aiden, victor, tyler, bryan, bently, brayden, greyson, ashton, *All sound nice*

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  • 7 years ago

    Many congrats to you, well I don't know your naming stule but I hope you can mix and match from these to suit

    Jonquil Dawn

    Lilac Rose

    Gardenia Maud

    Aubretia Hope

    Mimosa Pearl

    Orchid Faith

    Opal Melody

    Garnet Skye

    Gloxinia Rayne

    Primrose Layne

    Hilda Therese

    Thora Miriam

    Doris Kay

    Ethel Joy

    Edna May

    Yana Audrey

    Vera Lynn

    Lavender Bridget

    Chanina Fleur

    Sarita Patience

    Riverina Gayle

    Garlanda Trudy

    Yardenia Jane

    Emerald Daisy

    Tristianna Lourdes

    Goya Pansy

    Yorick Raymond

    Augustus Vale

    Randolph Ezra

    Hector Maurice

    Sorian Luke

    Probus Ari

    Remus Keith

    Dunstan Forrest

    Herald Clovis

    Harold Quigley

    Gilchrist Saul

    Crispin Shem

    Howard Dale

    Lionel Francis

    Godric Simon

    Gladwin Job

    Gurion Fillbert

    Zaviour Axel

    Horace Ivan

    Marigold June

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago


    Summer Rose

    Scarlet Rose

    Evangeline Love

    Ashley Angel

    Angel Ashley

    Eliana Leigh

    Milena Rose

    Mila Rose

    Taylor Ann

    Skyler Lee

    Destiny Love

    Veronica Taylor

    Britney Lee

    Savannah Lynn

    McKenna Rose


    Caleb Taylor

    Noah Andrew

    Malikhi James

    Nikoli (Niko) Andrew - My son's name

    Jesse Joseph

    Zane Eric

    Leander James

    Austin James

    Levi Jayden

    Asher Sean

    McKenzie Preston

    Christian James

    Cameron Andrew

    Cadence Eric

    Cayden James

    Gabriel Aaron

    Source(s): My Squishy Brain
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  • 7 years ago

    Congrats hun:)


    Ruby Adele

    Ariana Paige

    Charlie May

    Demi May

    Abbey Grace

    Eva Hope

    Monique (?)

    Cassie Brooke

    Elana May


    Lucas Mathew

    Casey James

    Chase/Chace Costa

    Luca James

    Levi Kacio ( Kay-see-oh)

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  • Grace
    Lv 5
    7 years ago

    Congrats! I hope you have family support or have been to a help clinic to get some support sweetie :)

    Think about what kind if names you like and I will give you some suggestions:





















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  • 7 years ago

    Lilly Sienna

    Aaron Blake

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  • 7 years ago

    Hmmm..... It depends on what you like. I'd suggest researching into family names or going through a baby name book for some good, solid names.

    Felix Anthony for a boy. Josephine Eve, Cassandra Jade or Lola Elizabeth for a girl.

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  • 7 years ago

    For a boy i love the name tyler-john because you can shorten it to tj also u cud call the babba noah john or johna louis and for a girl alice marie or maybe isabelle grace xxx hope i helped

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  • 3 years ago

    Ella Rose is lovable! i'm no longer a huge fan of Veronica yet Veronica Mae sounds surprising :) i admire Emerson! i became into going to signify Emerson Rae yet once I observed the greater component approximately how Emerson Bay became into the place you met your husband.. that makes Bay seem greater effective to me. I cant p.c.. a fave. i like all of them, yet Emerson Bay has the main which skill it form of feels. stable success and Congrats!! :)

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  • 7 years ago

    Boy - Chris

    Girl. - rebbekka

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