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Can my girlfriend get pregnant? What are the chances while taking yazmin?

Okay well my girlfriend and I both wanted to try it... And we'll after breaking the scare barrier we did it probably 3 times today... No condoms... She is on yazmin birth control and I did pull out, but I don't know if I did it in time... Please help... I'm worried.... We both are 16 and we've been together for a hot minute.... She's taken the pill I know for at least 4 months

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    As long as she is taking the pill everyday the same time everyday, without missing a single dose. The pill is around 98% effective at preventing pregnancy so I wouldn't worry. If she is forgetful and has missed doses I'd be more concerned. Birth control doesn't protect against STD's FYI. She may say she's clean and really think she is but if she has had other sexual partners and not been tested neither of you would know for sure.

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    with 3 mil litter sperm you can pregnant a cow!!![im kidding]

    but it can be pregnant 90%

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