I'm starting to dislike women?

For the past 8 months I have done my research on: nice guys, bad boys, Alpha males, female attraction, male attraction, laws of attraction, manipulation, narcissism, gender roles, society and feminism.

I came to a conclussion that you can NOT trust anybody and that being a narcissist is not a bad thing at all.

I also came to a conclussion that women are attracted to narcissists.

They say they want to be treated nice and good but they usually end up with guys that treats them like sh*t.

After doing my research I think women DESERVE to be treated like sh*t.

Not because I hate women but because women are simply attracted to it.

Most women love drama so being treated like sh*t should be a good thing for this type of women.

Men and women are not treated equally:

Women get away with EVERYTHING.

If a girl makes fun of me in public everybody would laugh.

If I would make fun of a girl they would all be against because she is a girl which are seen as weak and innocent.

If a girl slaps a guy on his shoulder it's cute and innocent

When a guy does it he is seen as a bad person.

When a girl rubs her as.s on a guy it's flirting.

When a guy rubs his as.s on a girl it's sexual harassment.

When a guy does something feminine, most girls think he is gay.

When a girl does something masculine she is seen as a tough woman and not a lesbian.

For some stupid reason, we men have to pay for dates because we approach girls and ask them for dates

You are putting her on a pedestel if you pay for her. (which is the worst thing you can do)

If you go dutch, you will usually be friendzoned because she will see you as a greedy person.

Having said that, a girl can simply date every guy she wants and get free food while she keeps her money in her pocket.

Going dutch should be a must!

Please tell me what you think of what I just said except for my bad english.

maybe I'm just tripping.

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  • 7 years ago
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    Hello ,I am a woman ,and I don't think ALL woman are like that ,but you do have a point ,I think what you are feeling hate towards are woman that are feminist's .I disagree with the feminist organization and basically everything they stand for is terribly wrong in my opinion,and maybe that's why I think the whole world has become off balance .

    Have you ever heard the saying " chivalry is dead- and woman killed it"? I think it's true.If these woman didn't hate men so much ,and strive to be in competion with men ,instead of being comfortable with there femininity and letting the man be a man and coming together ,then maybe things would be so backwards.

    The comment you made about the man having to pay for everything I can see both points you are trying to make ,but in this day and age ,since woman want to be equal ,and have jobs ,I don't think it's right to expect for the man to pay for dinner if on a date or an outing ,that's where I differ from that view,I look at it this way ; if the woman really cares about the guy ,she will notice that he has to work and life is hard ,she would take into consideration ( especially if she knows what it's like to have a hard days work) that he deserves some help with the bill ,that's why I always either split the bill or I suggest we take turns ,you can even make it a fun situation like my ex did ,for example ; we were at a pool hall one day and he said ok ,who ever wins pays for dinner .And I thought it was cute ,and fair .Even though I thought he would let me win because I am a woman ,he didn't lol ! Which brings me to my next part of the answer ,that is the kind of " jerk" I like ,when you say woman like to be treated badly ,that's my idea of bad treatment that is acceptable to me ,I like a guy who is confident ,but I don't like a guy who is disrespectful .

    And you are right about what you said about narcissists ,I think everyone is a little narcissistic ,because if nobody loved themselves ,wouldn't we all be dead? I love narcissistic men , I find them hilarious ,they aren't bad people ,they are innocent to me ,because they truly are ignorant when it comes to others feelings ,I have NPD ,and I'm actually a very sweet person .I don't do " mean "things on purpose it's just I do not feel emotions like a normal person can .I have learned to mimic emotions ,because I am detached from them since I was a small child.NPD is a part of someone's personality ,and it is engraved in them ,it is a learned behavior .I seek out narcissistic men ,because I think they are great in my opinion ,and my last relationship was with a man who had NPD ,and he treated me very sweet ,I loved him very much .

    But seriously don't start becoming bitter and hating woman just because a few rotting apples got you down.Not all woman are like that .I was married at a young age ,and it didn't work out ,for a while I went through a faze where I started to hate men ,I stated becoming bitter because my divorce was so bad ,I lost my house ,and most of our money went to the lawyers ,but after further consideration ,I stopped becoming hateful towards all men ,and realized not all men are bad .I hope you don't start hating woman !

    Good Luck

  • Carmen
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    4 years ago

    OK, sweetie. Mature woman here, I'll try to help. First of all, drinking milk will not make your breasts bigger. It will make you gain weight, which in turn may make your breasts bigger, but are you willing to gain weight to get bigger breasts? You didn't say how old you are, but you may still be growing. For example, I started out my 20's with a B cup, and finished my 20's with a D cup, so you never know. Please don't resort to surgery, at least not yet. Go to a nice lingerie shop, and ask for help in choosing a good push-up bra. They do work. Try not to be jealous of others. It won't get you anywhere. If you truly think you have BDD, then you should talk to your doctor about that, he or she can refer you to a doctor that can help you with that. I wish you the best. I hope I helped a little.

  • 5 years ago

    A woman can get laid when ever she wants and doesn't really have to put any effort into it.....they overlook the nice guys and go for the assholes...so once they've crossed that line whatever happens to them or what they get in life they deserve....:) don't worry about them, worry about yourself.....you want no part of that....the only girls that are worth it...if they even exist or are rare....would be a hot one, who's your buddy at the same time as well as your lover, one with the same interests as you, and one that makes you feel like you're the only man on the planet in her eyes......now that **** doesn't ****** exist or she's on another planet.....but wherever she is I want her...:)

  • 4 years ago

    Sigh, didn't entirely read it, but you are kind of right. There is some unfairness that penetrates the matrix. Don't let them affect you if it happened to you. They want you to just forget it or pretend it never happened until things get "better". That's wrong.

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  • 6 years ago

    Every point you make is valid. Women are not sugar and spice and everything nice. When you do psychological research about women's wants, desires and fantasies it can be quite disturbing. There's a reason women don't trust other women. Women see kindness in men as weakness. These "bad boys" they speak so highly of are also the assholes that kick puppies and beat their children. If women were really "equal" than it wouldn't be the mans job to take off their panties and bra when things get intimate. Once the underwear is off the girl usually goes into "dead fish mode" while the man does everything. It gives the woman power, because even when it's over she can say whatever she wants happened and the guy has to risk wrongfull criminal prosecution and imprisonment. The biggest lie in society is that women are better than they really are.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    whats up with sharrells answers, sounds like another man hating women.

    girls just mad because things we can do they cant but they want to keep there double standards, like are the things you mentions, i honestly skimmed you thingy so i really dont know.

  • 6 years ago

    This was an excellent question :)

  • RAWR
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    7 years ago

    so you educated yourself through the writings of MRAs and PUAs and now, shockingly, you are finding yourself starting to dislike women.

    this is a surprise to no thinking person.

  • 7 years ago

    All these double standards were created by men...men are homophobic and think woman are weak....

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