Name 10 albums u own that u think are under rated?

Emc - the show. Emc is masta ace, wordsworth' punchline and strickland

Cormega - the realness

Wu synddicate . Wu syndicate

Ras kass - soul on ice

Xzibit - at the speed of life

Dirty - th pimp and tha gangsta

Rza - birth of a pince

Cool breeze - east points greatest hits

Black rob - life story

Az - aziatic

I have plenty more but these stick out


i have til shiloh on tape. best reggae of all time indeed

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  • Sono
    Lv 6
    8 years ago
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    Antipop Consortium- Tragic Epilogue

    Dalek- Absence

    L*Roneous- Imaginarium

    Ill Biskits- Chronicle Of Two Losers: First Edition

    Typical Cats- Typical Cats LP

    Illogic- Got Lyrics?

    Atmosphere- Overcast!

    Abstract Rude- P.A.I.N.T.

    7L & Esoteric- The Soul Purpose

    Count Bass D- Dwight Spitz

    Source(s): Don't own any on CD, only digital
  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    DJ Premier - new york reality check 101

    Boot camp clik - last man standing

    Talib kweli - gutter rainbows

    Black moon - enta da stage

    Mr cheeks - ladies and ghettomen

    Pete rock & cl smooth - The main ingredient

    Nature - Pain killer

    The firm - the album

    The lost boyz - legal drug money

    Method man & redman - The black out 2

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