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Backward molar movement with sagittal appliance?

I have been wearing an rn sagittal appliance for a year, to tip upper teeth forward v slowly. Gaps have opened up between my 2nd premolars and canines (1st premolarsmissing) on both sides, and I have noticed a marked disimprovement in lip support and a less comfortable bite (feels like everything at the back is further back). I'm class iii. I read that these appliances can move molars backward - is that what caused the gaps and decrease in lip support at the sides? Do sagittal appliances always have this side effect?I have also noticed disimproved facial appearance. My ortho is a general dentist, and I worry he's messed me up - can my 1st&2nd molars and 2nd premolars be moved forward, back to where they were?

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    FYI, general dentists who do orthodontics have a BETTER grasp of how to properly adjust these appliances than orthodontic specialists. A sagittal can move teeth forward or distalize molars depending on how it is adjusted and how the appliance is constructed. Your bite is uncomfortable because you are in the middle of treatment! How can you expect your bite to feel normal when you are still in treatment and the positions of your teeth have not been finalized?? Think about it, you can't expect your bite to feel or be normal when teeth are still being moved, right? BTW, if you are wearing your appliance as you should, you should NOT be able to tell how uncomfortable your bite is when the appliance is in place. Disfigured facial profiles and TMJ problems are being caused by orthodontic specialists who are still doing bicuspid extraction treatment.

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