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Opinions on names for baby #3 plus BQs?

My husband and I are expecting our third child, a little boy, and would like opinions on our narrowed down list (please no suggestions, it took forever to narrow it down to ten!) Please rate, say your favorite or least favorite, or just give your opinions on the following names. Thanks!

Charles "Charlie"

Maxwell "Max"



Dylan "Dill"

Finley "Finn"

Brock "Rocky"



Micah "Mikey"

The names in "..." are just possible nicknames, we may or may not use them or only use them sometimes. Our other sons' names are Riley Asher "Ry" & Jacob Dallas "Jace".

Thanks again! We will make the final decision but we love to hear what other people think.

BQ: what would you name three boys using your own names?

BQ2: what would you name a sister to Riley & Jacob?

BQ3: what do you think of Avia for a girl? Do you pronounce Avia as ah-vee-uh or ay-vee-uh?

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    Charles - I love Charlie but not so much Charles

    Maxwell - LOVE

    Hudson - LOVE

    Isaac - it is okay

    Dylan - not one of my favorites

    Finley - LOVE, my son Jack's middle name

    Brock - LOVE Brock but not Rocky

    Noah - I prefer it as a middle name

    Quinn - least favorite

    Micah - I prefer it as a nickname for Michael

    BQ: Owen Hadley, Jack Finley, River Mackenzie, not using my kids' names Oliver Henry, Beau Nathaniel, Colin Jasper

    BQ2: Riley, Jacob and Emmeline "Ry, Jace and Emmy"

    BQ3: I love it and ay-vee-uh

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  • 7 years ago

    I'll give my opinion on each name along with a rating out of 10.

    Rating = 1 best, 10 worst.

    Charles "Charlie" - Probably the most common of the ten names. Rated: 3

    Maxwell "Max" - Maxwell is a bit old fashioned and would sound funny to younger kids. He might be made fun of in school because of this. Rated: 7

    Hudson - Sounds like a last name thanks to celebrities. Another name that could get him made fun of. Rated: 6

    Isaac - Simple, but still a bit unique. There are a few Isaacs here and there, but it isn't a common name. Rated: 4

    Dylan "Dill" - Have to saw, I like and hate the nickname. Like it because "To Kill a Mockingbird". Hate it because of how weird it sounds. Most people would only think of dill pickles. Rated: 8

    Finley "Finn" - Adventure Time! Sorry, name of the main character is Finn. Rated: 5

    Brock "Rocky" - No. Rated: 10

    Noah - Same as Isaac. Rated:2

    Quinn - Eh. Rated: 9

    Micah "Mikey" - Cute. But I would just go with Micah not Mikey. Micah is such a sweet name. Rated: 1

    BQ1: Three boys... Well, I have always wanted to name a boy Damian Gade, Lysander, or Dmitri.

    BQ2: Primrose, or Rose for short.

    BQ3: Avia is cute but sounds a little weird. Like a foreign disease, or something like that. Sorry if that sounds mean.

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  • 7 years ago

    Charles "Charlie"- 10/10, love this name so much

    Maxwell "Max"- 8/10

    Hudson- 1/10

    Isaac- 3/10

    Dylan "Dill"- 6/10, not a fan of the nickname

    Finley "Finn"- 9/10

    Brock "Rocky"- 1/10

    Noah- 10/10

    Quinn- 1/10

    Micah "Mikey"- 1/10

    I think Charles "Charlie," Maxwell "Max," Finley "Finn," and Noah are all very nice but I think that Finley "Finn" would sound the best with your other sons.

    BQ: If I had three sons, I would name them Alexander William, Noah August, and Adam Sawyer.

    BQ2: Stella, Elaine, Kelsey, Emma, Orla

    BQ3: I would pronounce Avia "ay-vee-uh." It's definitely unique and I think that it would go well with your sons' names, and it seems a little odd to me right now but I think it would grow on me.

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  • 7 years ago

    Charles "Charlie" - 9/10 - i love it, but id never use it

    Maxwell "Max" - 5/10 - ive never liked this name, but it ages well

    Hudson - 6/10 - this name is okay, but i have a hard time picturing it on someone middle aged

    Isaac - 10/10 - this name ages well and is nice

    Dylan "Dill" - 9/10 - like the name but not the nickname...reminds me of pickles

    Finley "Finn" - 4/10 - this name doesnt scream a specific gender, but it is nice

    Brock "Rocky" - 8/10 - i think of this as a last name but its probably just where i live so its nice =)

    Noah - 10/10 - nice and ages well

    Quinn - 2/10 - same as Finley but i would choose Finley over Quinn

    Micah "Mikey" - 8/10 - like Micah but not really Mikey...Micah is also a gender question name

    BQ: William Christian, Benjamin James and Jesse Thomas

    BQ2: Abigail or Madelyn

    BQ3: i would pronounce it uh-VEE-uh and i dont really like it

    overall these are really nice name and good luck!

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  • 7 years ago

    Riley is popular for a girl rather than a boy and you've used Jace as a nickname instead Jake for Jacob which is so common. You ned another boys name to counteract that. I would go with Hudson or Dylan.

    BQ- Camden John, Luke Christopher and Hudson Edward

    BQ2- Lilia McKinley

    BQ3- Like Avia, pronounced "ah-vee-uh"

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  • 7 years ago

    I like Micah sooooo much next would be Isaac.

    Bq: I am going to name my first son after my husband and two more boys lol I would have no clue

    Bq2: I love the name Thalia

    Bq3: I like Avia, I would pronounce it Ayy-vuh but Ay-vee-uh sounds good too.

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  • 7 years ago

    My favorite of your list is Hudson. I think that Hudson would work great with Riley and Jacob. My least favorite is Brock, in my opinion it sounds too hunky and is a character name for big buff guys.

    BQ: I would name my boys...

    August "Gus"


    Benjamin "Benji"

    BQ2: Sydney, Halle, or Chloe

    BQ3: I think Avia : ay-vee-uh, is beautiful!

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  • madson
    Lv 4
    3 years ago

    i think of Flynn is lovable, as a replace of Finley. Flynn, Riley, and Jacob is lovable. Dylan - 5/10 - kinda uninteresting. i be conscious of dissimilar overweight youngsters with this call. Finley - 9/10 - lovable! yet i don't think of it an prolonged time properly. Charles - a million/10 - uninteresting! we do in contrast to interior the 18th century. way too previous. Hudson - 7/10 - that is distinctive, which i like, besides the incontrovertible fact that that is greater of a final call. additionally, there are not any sturdy nicknames for it. Maxwell - 7/10 - intense-high quality, kinda commonplace. that is greater of a canines call to be trustworthy. yet Max is lovable (nevertheless overly fashionable). BQ: Zoey or Katelyn. BQ2: Ay-vee-ah. i think of that is only yet another made up call. Kinda teenager momish. only persist with the classic call of Ava. BQ3: David Alexander, Carter Levi, Landon Cole. sturdy success!!

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Noah is my favorite boy name :)






    Definitely not Brock

    -If i had three boys they would be Noah, Aidan, and Liam :)

    -My favorite girl name is Madilyn so her name would be Madilyn or Mady for short

    -I think Avia is pretty :) I've never heard it before but I like it!

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