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How much mathematics are needed to understand quantum mechanics?

Don't say if you understand quantum mechanics you really don't.

I just want to know what mathematics are required to do calculations of quantum mechanics.

Thank you.

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    The main things are calculus (esp. solution of differential equations), complex variable theory and linear algebra.

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  • strada
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    3 years ago

    trouble-free relativety would not require something better than trouble-free algebra. it extremely is not complicated mathematically in any respect, only conceptually. standard relativativety and Quantum mechanics are plenty harder, and to truly be waiting to comprehend what the mathematics ability demands years of working with the mathematics. you would be able to desire to comprehend field theory, complicated numbers, and linear algebra. a good commencing block is Griffin's Electricy and Magnetism. in case you may comprehend that, you will want a superb initiate on a deeper understanding of the worldwide around us (you will would desire to comprehend calculus). Griffin additionally has a quantum textual content cloth it extremely is sweet for finding out to purchase began on understanding the quantum worldwide, nevertheless you will somewhat decide for a good draw close of linear algebra to get plenty out of it.

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