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Trigonometry math help URGENT!!?

2) A right triangle with an area of 100ft^2 has an angle between the adjacent side and hypotenuse of 40(degrees). Find it's perimeter.

*Really confused HELP

4) Find the area of the following sector from a circle:

(Arch) AC: pie/6cm; (side/radius) AB: 2cm

* I got close but didn't get it right I'm so confused

5) If 3COS0 + 1/2 = 2/3 find SIN0

* don't know how to finish this one

6) A line segment makes an angle of 22 (degrees) with the positive x-axis. Find it's slope

* never learned this

7) A prism has an isosceles triangular base with side lengths of 5ft , 5ft and 8 ft. If the prism has a height of 2 yd. what is it's volume?

* again confused

Ok do I know I say confused a lot but our math teacher doesn't actually teach us this stuff and just expects us to figure it out and says we get an F if we don't finish or do the worksheet right. I'm really confused can anyone help me? I don't care if you just answer one of the questions! :D thanks

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  • ted s
    Lv 7
    8 years ago
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    Hmmmm....was going to help on all till your last comment

    you do know something about sines , cosines , tangents ???

    if H = hypotenuse length then sides are H cos Θ & H sin Θ

    area = [ 1 / 2] [side x side] 100 = [ 1/ 2] H² sin 40° cos 40° , find H !!

    area of circle is π radius² ≡ [ angle measure / 2 ] radius²...holds for parts of circles also

    circumference is 2 π r = [ measure of the angle] [ radius]...holds for arcs also

    you state the arc has length π / 6 and radius is 2 , thus measure is [ π / 12 ]

    { (π / 12 ) / 2 } (2²) = area

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