What does my dream mean?

last night I had a weird dream. it started out in a classroom from my middle school.(im currently a college freshman) the classroom was filled with my former highschool schoolmates and the teacher was the World famous chef...Marcus Samuelsson. things went bad and I started cussing him out and being hostile. we were arguing and i was cussing and it was crazy so he finally said give me your parents phone number. i gave him a number but it was mine. so school let out and at the door where theres medal detectors, there was a huge python and it was two colors. yellow in the front and pink in the back. it was just there and people were just stepping over it like it was nothing and then some kid picked it up it with another kid and put it outside so after that i went outside and it was raining. then i woke up

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  • 8 years ago
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    U want to adopt music as ur profession and win laurels in this field x

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