How to say these in Russian? 10 Points?

No Web Translation, No Literal Translation

1- I will reserve a table

2- I will bring Deserts

3- I am a little Tired

4- Drink!

5- I have an extra ticket!

6- Every year we come (Vehicle) here

7- What are you going to do tonight?

8- Where are you sitting?

9- Where is your table?

10- What do you Study?


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    1) I will reserve a table - Я закажу стол заранее. (Ya zakazhu stol zaraneye)

    2) I will bring Deserts - Я принесу Десерты (Ya prinisu Deserty)

    3) I'm a little tired - Я немного усталый (Ya nemnoqo ustalyy) --- is used if you're a boy. If you're a girl you should use "ustalaya (усталая)"

    4) Drink! - Выпей! (Vypei!) - inf

    Выпейте! (Vypeyte!) - formal

    5) I have an extra ticket! - У меня лишний билет! (U menia lish'niy bilet!)

    6) Every year we come (by vehicle) here - Каждый год мы приезжаем сюда (на велосипеде) - (Kazhdy qod mi priyezzhayem syuda na velopisede)

    7) What are you going to do tonight? - Чем ты собираешься заняться этой ночью? (Chem ty sobirayeshsya zanyat'sya etoy noch'yu?)

    8) Where are you sitting? - Где ты сидишь? (Qde ty sidish?) Inf

    Где вы сидите? - Qde vy sidite? -frm

    9) Where is your table? - Где твой стол? (Qde tvoy stol?) - inf

    Где ваш стол? - Qde vash stol? (Qde vash stol?)

    10) What do you study? - Что ты учишь? (Chto/Shto ty uchish'?) Inf

    Что вы учите? - Chto/shto vy uchite?

    Hope that helpss ;))

    Source(s): Me. I've been living in Russia since my childhood.
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