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Need help with Ap US History?

Who were the Nativists, why was the outcome of the Supreme Court case of Plessyv. Ferguson successful for Southern whites who had already enacted a system of legal segregation and disenfranchisement for African Americans under the Jim Crow laws. How did Ida B. Wells attempt to address the problem of lynching?

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    The Nativists were movement that formed in the early 1800s and gained more prominence in the 1870s as a group that was opposed to immigration of aliens into the US.

    The Plessy v. Ferguson decision said that the concept of separate but equal facilities was Constitutional and this allowed for the wide spread expansion of Jim Crow Laws allowing communities in Southern states to designate facilities as either white only or colored only. This included restrooms, diners, trains, buses, drinking fountains, hotels, neighborhoods and schools among others, although the colored families were never equal in service or repair in comparison to white facilities and sometimes colored facilities were not available at all. It provided the legal justification to full segregate the African-American population from white society.

    Ida B. Wells was an investigative journalist who wrote about the nature and prevalence of lynching as intimidation and punishment directed toward controlling African-American populations. She wrote numerous articles and lectured to countless audiences of abolitionists and other groups in hope of raising public awareness and turning the tide of public opinion against such practices.

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