Intel vs AMD Processor?

AMD Penom II X4 965 Black Edition or Intel Core i5-2310. I am trying to spend $800 or less on my gaming rig.

I like the price of the AMD better but don't know how well it will handle gaming. I plan to just use the stock CPU cooler. I am just planning to play SimsCity and Call of Duty.


I will buy everything thru newegg though but that is what I am planning to purchase

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  • 7 years ago
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    i have a really good build for that price range or

    I like this case, its alittle more on the expensive side though. You can save $10-20 on a cheaper case if you want. Just remember things like airflow and cable management, aswell as if linger graphics cards can fit in it.

    Then just get any old dvd burner for like $16-20.

    Id suggest making the purchase before 3/10 n 3/11 so you get all the awesome promo deals (they stack with each other).

    And this 7870 isnt a normal one. its the 7870 XT, which is a 7950 with locked stream processors. So its actually almost the performance of a 7950, and liek $30-40 less then a 7950.

    The 7870 XT should be able to max most all games at 1920x1080 (few exceptions), its a great card for the price.

    If you need to slash a few $, i guess a 7870 is alright

    It still performs very well in gaming. which makes win8 $95 since its a $5 off promo. you may be able to find cheaper elsewhere tho.

    Total with bluray + corsair 300R case and 7870XT + windows 8 os = ~$860 or so after shipping (there are like $65 in mail in rebates to apply for tho)

    You can drop the case and save $10-20

    You can drop bluray to dvd and save $20-25

    you can drop the 7870XT to a 7870 and save $40

    and doing a combo of those will drop it below 800

    EDIT: oo no there is so much wrong with that build lol

    -your hdd is 5400rpm, which is slow, and horrible for everything (idk why they exist for desktops, ofr laptop lower power, so longer battery, ok, but desktops no no)

    -you dont need thermal compound unless you are getting an aftermarket cooler and overclocking (which neither your motherboard or cpu are able to overclock)

    -spending too much money on ram

    -6670 isnt a very good card for gaming, its a low end card

    -you dont need a full tower case unless you are going crazy watercooling or using like 10 hdds lol

    -dont really need bluray, but that isnt a bad price for it

    -you dont need a sound card. its your speakers that make a difference, not your sound card. The ONLY reason to get a sound card is if you are using a studio grade sound system.

    personally, id say go with windows 8 (since windows 7 is no longer going to get future directx updates). I am going to soon make a windows 8 guide.

    But i use win8, and game on it, its fine. idk where all the hate comes from tbh.

  • cottle
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    3 years ago

    presently Intel is the swifter and larger intense priced. AMD is going to be freeing a chip contained in the subsequent few months that is faster than the present Intel set. shortly after that, Intel will do a similar. So it really is a toss up. in basic terms make sure that you would fairly use.

  • 7 years ago

    The AMD is just fine. I have one. But buy a good non stock cooler.

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