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Do he like me/ interested?

Ok so there's a boy, me and him had been trying to meet up for a while so we finally did two weeks ago and it went great. So i seen him and we hugged and he was like u smell good. At first t started at the mall for a few mins then he got a call and then said we were going to apple bees with his cousin and friends. He held the door open for me, I felt comfortable around him. We were around his friends, his cousin, and some other people ( males and females) he was around me the hold time. It was cold so he got behind me and wrapped his hands around me putting his hands in my jacket pocket to warm up his hands, and he would put his chin on my shoulder while wrapped up behind me and while he did that he told me who each person was . (We were waiting in the lobby at a restaurant and his. Friends, cousin, n others he told me who they were. So we got in here and was in there for a Líl while and he would ask me if I was good(ok). Then asked me was I going to order something, he explained to me how the menu works and how they do the food (I had never been there). So a Líl while later he asked me did I want to stay or leave it was up to me. S I said I didn't really want to be there, so he said ok let's go and he told everyone that we were leaving. So we left and I showed him how to get to my house it took a while to get there but we were listening to music he let me control the music and we would talk also. Then when we got to my neighborhood we just chilled in the car he layed on my lap and we talked and he touched my chin softly and said i suprised him because he didnt know we were going to see each other but i made it happen. and we talked he to me if there's anything I want to ask him I can, we was in his back seat just chilling and he had the covers since we both were cold. And he offered to let me help him take his braids out if I wanted also he said well now that I now you can raid u could do my hair. Also I told him I'm goin to a college(which is neat his are) and he said oh that's near him he could come see me everyday. We chilled outside in his car for a long time and he would lay on me and one time he said oh u feel lonely? Want me to lay by u. He was just so sweet. It was a nice night I really enjoyed. He had already had his arms open for me to hug him when i was getting ready to get out the car.He also left his hat and that next day he I'd he would get I next time he come to m y house, so what do y'all think?

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  • 7 years ago
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    It certainly sounds as if he likes you.

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