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How do I ask my doctor for confidentiality?

Well I live with my parents and am now 18 years old. Whenever I see my doctor for anything (by myself) she brings it up with my parents whenever they come in to see her. She always asks me how old I am whenever I see her as if she forgets? or doesn't want to do the math on the file?

I don't mind if she tells them stuff like I came in for my flu shot or I had a cold or whatever but now that I am getting older I'm beginning to come in for really personal things that I don't want my parents to know about.

Now my parents have known her and her husband (also a doc but I don't like him) for 20 years now. She is a great doctor and I'd want her to stay as my doctor but how can I bring up that now that I am an adult I want things to be confidential?


I live in Canada and have healthcare and insurance.

Update 2:

@fizixx CANADA = OHIP covers it and my work insurance covers anything else.

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  • 7 years ago
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    If you live in Canada, you should be posting from that website.

    Find a different physician. What your physician is doing is actually illegal under HIPA, Canada's Health Information Protection Act.

    If you are really wanting to stay with this doc, then give her one more chance, making it clear that this is inappropriate. Otherwise, it's going to come down to staying with the doc and having your information illegally shared or changing docs.

    This doc shouldn't even be tellng your family about your flu shot or your colds.

    When she asks you at the end of your appointment if there is anything else, say:

    "Yes, and it's really hard for me to bring up because you've been my doctor my whole life, but my parents are finding out information about my medical visits and I'm really unhappy about that. I'd really like to ensure that all my medical information stays private and I'd really like to keep coming to you since you are an excellent doctor."

    Don't even give her the option of figuring out what's ok to tell your parents and what's not. So no being a wuss and saying "Flu shots and colds are ok, but..." Everything should be off limits and that should be a pretty easy line for her to avoid crossing.

    If she can't remember after you tell her this, then she's not any doctor that I would want to see. This has been a law for 8 years. If she can't keep up on 8 year old law changes, I wouldn't trust that she reads journals o r keeps up on new treatments, new illnesses, new studies, etc.

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  • 7 years ago

    I suggest finding a new doctor if your current doctor can't remember your age. You should always start out by saying hello I want to remind you that I am age 18 and do not want anything discussed here going back to my parents. Even with privacy laws, though, your doctor who seems to forget your age might let information slip to your parents. So I would be smart and get a new doctor, if possible.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Fizixx is dead azz wrong. Doesn't Canada have HIPAA laws? Google it. If not just ask your doctor straight. It's unprofessional for her to share your medical info now that you're 18. Switch docs if needed.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Doctor I'm an adult now and i would like to keep you as my doctor but I need you to keep our visits confeditial and except in extreme emergencies not to discuss my case with anyone even my parents. Please.

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  • fizixx
    Lv 7
    7 years ago


    I don't care of your 'parents' are 372 yrs old....if they pay the bill, they have aright to know wtf.

    Got it?

    If you're 18, as you claim...and YOU work and pay your bills then you can have your anonymity.....or at least until blowbama managed to get his tentacles into the universe....then that's another matter.

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