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Why do British royals get circumcised, but British commoners do not?


I think you're overestimating how powerful Diana was. I doubt she single-handedly changed royal tradition forever. Besides, rumor has it at least William got circumcised when he had a "hernia" operation.

Update 2:

Nobody's actually answering my question. I want to know where this royal tradition came from.

Update 3:

Maybe I should ask this question in the History section instead.

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    It was actually much more common for people to be circumcised than not until recently. The tradition of circumcision for British princes was initiated because Queen Victoria declared her belief that she was a descendent of King David, who was of course Jewish. The practice began in 1841 with her son Edward VII and continued until 1982 when Diana, Princess of Wales did not allow her son Prince William to be circumcised.

    In short, it began as a practical and personal belief that the House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha existed in the Davidic line. It continued as family tradition and one of intelligence because circumcision was considered cleaner and safer. The practice has been discontinued and it is considered a personal choice of the parents rather than protocol.

  • They no longer do. Diana, Princess of Wales put an end to that custom when her sons were born.

    Your question was answered. If you wanted to know something else, you should have asked. You did not do so. As far as where the tradition came from, no one knows. There is no historical record.

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    How do you know that the royals do get circumcised?

    It might be because the royals understand the health benefits of such an "operation".

    But my understanding was the William and Harry did not.

    It's NOT a "royal tradition"...it's a PERSONAL CHOICE (if not a religious one) made by the parents of any male child.

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