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How is this song in AABA form?

Can you tell me how this song: Countie Basie- Moten Swing song is in AABA form?

Could you give me the seconds when it's A and when it's B?

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  • 7 years ago
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    It's as simple as saying the As are one form and the Bs are another (not a repeat of the same combination of chords or notes, they have to be changed in some manner).

    For instance, let's say the majority of songs are composed as:

    Verse, chorus, verse, chorus, verse, chorus. The verse is the A and the chorus is the B.

    For your example it's played 2 verses, a chorus, then a final verse.

    Some songs will start with a chorus. They could be BABAAB formed. It's really up to the composer.

    Genesis has a song from the 80s called ABACAB. That would be a verse, chorus, verse, a bridge, a verse and end with a chorus.

    Got it?

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