Does U.S Marshals Service Agency have competitors? Who are they? Why would they be competitors?

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  • Neil
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    7 years ago
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    There is no "U.S Marshals Service Agency."

    The U.S Marshals Service has no competitors.

  • 7 years ago

    That was a branch of the D.O.I. The DOI was one of the first Federal Law Enforcement agencies. DOI is Department of The Interior, It started as that. The Marshals were and are Federal Constables.

    In today's bureaucracy, yes, they have multitudes of overlapping agencies.

    FBI, DEA, State Troopers, Sheriffs, Police, Military Police, there are so many now is almost ridiculous.

    The Customs Service is the oldest Police thing,the Marshalls are the second. Now Customs have ICE and local and state and DEA,FBI and that is why so many jails are overcrowded.

    Secret Service and Customs Officers and FBI Agents and so many others are now involved amongst the duties of Marshalls , I am not sure competition is the correct word.

    A private Bail Bonds Agent is a Competitor.

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