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so if they can do all this to you its permissible?

So i was wondering that in Islam ur not allowed to say any thing disrespectful to your parents as they are the key to Jannah. So what if they theres ones who are nasty to every day you always say ur a failure in life and cant do nothing. Who from all my siblings dislike me that most! My mum even said to me once i wish you go to sleep and die. what does Islam say about parents like this?? And not once do i say anything back to them because i would hate to displease Allah (stw).


ا إله إلا الله Abdulmalik @ Jazakhallah khair Brother

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    Dear Sister,

    You are a great example of a muslim that respects her parents. You know, we all must go through a test in this life to test our patience. Some go years with a painful disease, some lose all their money, some may be born blind or hanicapped....etc. It seems that you are being tested with your parents that may be treated you harsh and with disrespect. Hopefully, you continue with them in patience no matter how far they may go in getting you to the boiling point.

    I advise you sister that not only should you not talk back to them, but you should always treat them well and say kind words to them, maybe you can buy them gifts here and there. Always, ask Allah to guide your parents and make you a comfort in their eyes. Inshalla by time they will treat you well and love the respectful daughter you came to be.

    And don't forget that Prophet Abraham went through worse with his father. As Allah says in the Quran:

    He (the father) said: "Do you reject my gods, O Ibrahim (abraham)? If you stop not (this), I will indeed stone you. So get away from me safely (before I punish you)."

    Ibrahim (Abraham) said: "peace be on you! I will ask Forgiveness of my Lord for you. Verily He is unto me Ever Most Gracious.

    ( سورة مريم , Maryam, Chapter #19, Verse #46-47)

    May Allah make you respectful and patient with your parents as He made Prophet Abraham respectful and patient with his father.

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    Salam, dear, sad to hear, but you need to bear it, this is a test from Allah and subhanAllah you are doing great! Don't be sad, the brothers are right in their advises. You will get a great reward in shaa Allah for this much sabr that you have! Allah bless you a lot!

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