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Can I learn to sing if my voice is deep?

I want to know if I take vocal lessons will I be able to sing with my deep voice, im 16 and my voice is not super deep either its just deep but ive heard artists with deep voices sing it sounds really good too, I think better than males with a higher pitch voice in my opinion but will I be able to sing with a tone that sounds different than my normal voice? Thanks any help is much appreciated :)


I dont want to do country I want to do covers of Taylor swift songs, One direction songs etc the pop music nowadays

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  • 7 years ago
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    Absolutely. Anyone can learn to sing; and sing well for that matter! When you take voice lessons, your teacher should address your particular voice, because after all everyone's is unique. So they'll work with you on finding songs that you like that also fit your voice. Everyone's tone varies, and that's what makes singers so interesting to listen to! Sometimes people like a "different" sounding voice than most pop singers because let's face it - some of them all sound the same, and it's good to stand out!

    Also, keep this is mind: the voice is like a muscle (it isn't but I'll compare it to one). You can stretch it in many different ways and the more you practice, the more versatile your voice will become. Ask your voice teacher to work with you on raising your vocal range. A good vocal coach can get any singer to sing out of their "comfort" range in a few months (or sometimes in just a few weeks!) So be patient; with practice you'll be able to reach higher pitches.

    Source(s): Singing since age 4. Mother is a voice teacher with a masters degree in Music Education. She's taught me everything she knows!
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  • 4 years ago

    Having a deep voice does not presuppose having the ability to sing.That is a gift.But,that being stated,you will have to find out as soon as and for all you probably have the chops.There are tons of humans who don't to find it out proper away and,in case you have the potential,practice will best make it higher! After I was once arising,you needed to be what they known as,"a triple risk"meaning dancing,singing and acting. Consider. If which you could sing,you've got a whole other feild to shine in. Can you say,"MUSICALS"? I knew you could!

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  • 7 years ago

    Sure. If you want to do professional singing, deep voiced males tend to succeed better in Country music or as the bass of an a capella group or other type of group that uses rich harmonies.

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  • 7 years ago

    It's called Baratone,

    I think you'd be an awesome singer.

    Source(s): I know.
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    3 years ago


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