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PowerPoint 2008 Mac Auto-recovery issue?

I'll try to be brief here,

I was working on an important presentation for a few hours when a call came in and I had to leave in a hurry. No big deal, shut my laptop and ran out. Came back in an hour or so and when I opened my laptop there was a duplicate presentation, IE another, identical presentation window open, but this one with a few hours less work on it. Not thinking anything of it, I closed the duplicate window and when it prompted me to save the work I just clicked "no", not wanting to corrupt my up to date file. For whatever reason, however, it decided to close BOTH windows, and seemingly dump all of my work.

I located what I think is the autorecovery folder (documents - microsoft user data - office 2008 autorecovery) but there are only three or four documents in there, all dating years back despite that I always have autorecover active and I use Microsoft office very frequently.

Would really like to get this information back, and any help would be appreciated!

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    wow im srry man but u have word 2008 i dont t thunk they have file recovery on it. you need to get word 2010 or higher they have file recovery so youll never lose anything

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    PowerPoint 2007 helps seen situation-loose for applications, yet PowerPoint 2008 would not. PowerPoint 2008 helps AppleScript and a lots greater advantageous set of audio and video formats. persist with .wmv for video clips, and .wav for audio. different than being careful in picking media content fabric formats so as which you do no longer choose for one that's no longer supported by using domicile windows, you're able to be large.

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