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Is it illegal to film police officers or just risky?

I mean if say to catch an assault on video.

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    No. It is legal in all 50 states.


    ("[A] citizen's right to film government officials, including law enforcement officers, in the discharge of their duties in a public space is a basic, vital, and well-established liberty safeguarded by the First Amendment.");


    Furthermore, the United States Department of Justice has openly stated its position that the First Amendment protects all U.S. citizens who record the activities of the police in public, and has intervened in at least one civil rights lawsuit against police officers to support that First Amendment right. See Sharp v. Baltimore City Police Dep't, No. 1:11-cv-02888-BEL (D. Md. Statement of Interest filed January 10, 2012).

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    Its not illegal to film in a public place but how would you like someone coming and filming you constantly whilst your working? Not nice so don't do it basically. Would it pee you off, probably, so it would a police officer, after all they are human, not robots or a uniform

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    I wanted to answer but, Martin L, nailed it and far be it for me to trump solid wisdom, however, Mr. Cool is an imposter who has ripped off someone elses resume and should be reported for mis-representation.

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    Not illegal .

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    Source(s): ...I am a retired police officer. I retired as a sergeant, after 29 years, from a very large department, about 12,000 officers. I was a patrol officer for 4 years in a very diverse area. I was a tactical officer in the high rise project areas of my city. We called it vertical patrol in that we walked the the stairways of the high rises most of the time. I did that for 5 years and was promoted by test to detective. I worked violent crime (homicide, sex, officer involved shootings, robbery, kidnapping, serious non property incidents) for 11 years until I was promoted to sergeant. I worked as a street supervisor, a bicycle patrol supervisor and a desk sergeant/watch commander. During my time as a tactical officer and a detective I was a unit representative for the police union. I have a B.A in English and an M.S. in Law Enforcement Administration....
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