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Is Kazakhstan part of Europe?

I've read in various places that it (or parts of it, at least) are in Europe and that it's a member of some European council, however I've always thought that it was in Asia. Can someone please explain this to me.


I don't just want something like 'it's in Asia', I'd like an explanation of how/why it's supposedly in Europe.

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    Geographically, part of Kazakhstan is part of Europe, but like Turkey, it is the smaller part, and Kazakhstan is generally considered to be an Asian nation. Alliances are irrelevant to which continent a country belongs to. The border between Europe and Asia has always been the Ural Mtns the Ural River, the Caucasus Mtns and the Bosporus. Kazakhstan is,by that definition mostly in Asia because only a small portion is west of the Ural River; the majority is in Asia. So, like Turkey it is a "mostly Asian" nation. We can also say it is in both Europe and Asia (like Turkey and Russia),

    On lists by the United Nations, Kazakhstan is shown among the countries of Central Asia (as is Turkey).

    Just a suggestion, take it or leave it... Try not to get too hung up on definitions of continents. When in doubt, the UN is a good reference for that.

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    It is in asia

    Central Asia, northwest of China; a small portion west of the Ural River in eastern-most Europe. :) :)

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    You are mistaken ...

    Kazakhstan is in Asia

    see this map :

    It borders Europe.

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    no its in asia

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