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;;Religion & Spirituality : Is it true that atheist spoils mind of theist..?

they poke their(theist's)mind with all against..which makes theist to become atheist..

Is it..? O_o


no just curious to know..


oh sorry for bad english..grr -_-


Update 2:

@Nameless..: you can't paste your thinking to mine..

you believe you're atheist doesn't mean i too believe whatever you said..

you read some books may be or else few sentences by which you claiming einstein blah blah..but let me tell you that Einstein's was also a human but ws failed to rectify his own theories..grr

@Warrior : i agree most all what u said that mean an theist is one who believe in god cause of religion and all rather of his/her own believe in god..

and atheist becomes atheist cause he like poking mind of theist and like to disprove them..blah

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    Everyone who calls himself a theist or atheist have thought a lot about God and Religion subject. So it's not like how political parties try to manipulate thoughts of people for their own benefits because politicians know they are wrong whereas theists think them to be right and atheists think them to be right, in a way both are trying to hell each other and some are helping too, for example if an atheist make a theists join him in disbelief in God then actually no loss happened because a theist who can be convinced by non believer was never a true theist, he was actually believing God outta fear and such theists are nothing but a threat to society because they are the people who don't know love or selflessness but only know "how to save my ***", they for personal gains can do anything written in books like burning of witches, killing kaafirs etc. On the other hand Theists who make Atheists believe in God is also a waste (actually), I believe no one except God can create a true believer, it's not hard to make people believe in something based on fear but faith based on a lie will only bring destruction.

    I actually believe in all that stuff especially the fact that no theists on his own can make atheist believe in God (I mean in genuine way, based on fear of hell it's possible to make many atheists believe in God). So what I try to do is, I here tell atheists that if God cannot be proved then he also cannot be disproved, there is a possibility of afterlife. Don't go blindly on the path of Bad Karma, do good karma if not for God do it for society and cover yourself both ways (atheists here say that I do good and I do it without fear of God but most of them are lying based on what I have observed around).

    OMG did I read my name in above answer lol!

    Well Mr Nameless Shameless (tera je koi nick name haiga ta dassde Gumnaam Besharam khena changa ni lagda) einstein is not God my friend, he said things and made theories like newton which now are being updated by hawking ji, which again in future will be updated. His stance on God was not that clear IDK why he was confused about it! He was finding faults in his own theories and in that process his life ended. There were also saying of him telling that whenever I am confused I see something divine helping me.

    Naale yaar tu v kamal kardaye religion can be man made but not God. Religions de naa te dange hunde ne (Allah, Ram, Jesus words for God came from religions) the true believers are sitting at their homes and meditating/praying. The problem arises when atheists start judging all the theists (and even God) on the basis of some rioter theists (who knows they believe in God or they just using name of God to gain backup from people of some religion).

    EDIT 2:

    @NS: What is this man, "How can we prove something(god) doesnt exists which already doesnt exists at the first place?"

    LOL what is this man?

    First thing you wanna disprove something and 2nd you already assumed it non existent lol

    Aren't you think Einstein to be God now, looks like you won't agree to anything against him O.o

    And what you said to krazy? Updated is made advanced? Yes sir but how something is made advanced? by keeping what's important and flushing the rest, you can also call is doing correction.

    "I believe in everything until it's disproved. So I believe in fairies, the myths, dragons. It all exists, even if it's in your mind. Who's to say that dreams and nightmares aren't as real as the here and now?"

    John Lennon (another human)

    And please not just Einstein but everyone is different and unique, if I, U and Krazy can't become Einstein then same applies on Einstein.

    @Krazy: A theist who gets offended on a question about his/her rituals isn't a true theist and an atheist who gets offended by a theist saying something they don't know aren't true atheists. A true atheist according to definition is not someone who claims God doesn't exist but he's someone who doesn't believe in God because of Lack of Proof of God's existence.

    @NS: Einstein was a great great man no doubt about it, it's just that if there is a God he is much more superior that his puny (puny in front of God only and not humans) creation Einstein. Just because Einstein doesn't believe in God doesn't make God non existent. Einstein did great work in field of science but he didn't founded every things universe holds so there is still scope for existence of God that is all I mean to say.

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    Though i find some of the atheists very well able of creating doubt in the minds of theists,

    who are sensitive towards logic,

    but i think,

    'spoiling the mind' is something different than that.

  • Snake
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    7 years ago

    Actually, No.

    I've found that theists are SO convinced and SO brainwashed that they aren't open to the truth, even if they think they are.

    They're afraid to fathom the possibility that their beliefs could be wrong so NO MATTER what evidence you present them with that invalidates their beliefs, that will in no way affect their fidelity to their beliefs.

    I realize this because I was once a devout theist so I understand the power of indoctrination at the deepest level and let me tell you, it's incredibly strong.

    Source(s): Atheist
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    5 years ago

    Why are we atheists' beliefs so important to you? I believe what I do and you believe what you do....You shouldn't be affected by what I think..



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    7 years ago

    is it true that theist spoils mind of atheist?...they poke their(atheist's) mind with all against..which makes atheist to become theist...

    Is it.? O_o


    no just curious to know..

    Source(s): but to answer your question. it works either way...some people can change their beliefs or lack of belief from what they hear or are taught to believe.
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    7 years ago

    No way!


    Because theist's already have their mind spoiled..!


    You want comments on theist vs atheist?

    Or what?

    Whatever.. I tell you krazy there is No "GOD" . You are a medical student, you have studied science Still you act like you've been living in some backward village area???

    Do you know who invented this concept of GOD? --- The Humans. Because we are far more superior, intelligent than any other living thing on Earth. We can do anything. Can you look from the eyes of animals or other living things? Do they beleive in GOD??? Do they pray god?

    All they need to survive is atmosphere, suitable conditions, oxygen, water, food and sunlight(energy) ok? Not a God's grace..

    Similarly though we humans, need same suitable things to survive. But we are social animals. We have intelligent minds who can think beyond any other life species. Our curiosity and unanswered Qns make us to think of GOD when there is no answer, no proof!

    Like if sceince doesnt have its answer it is GOD's grace.

    Think about humanity? If we all humans would not have fear of 'GOD', we would not fear about our "SIN". There would be crime, corruption, war, violence in us like animals. So we beleive God as fear of some misfortune might save us or something to stay a good human. Otherwise our life will be a just a survival which is quite right. Look at other living species..

    God didnt came in religions. There are so many religions, every community has its own ideas and beleifs in GOD.

    Its always good to be be religious.. I myself am a religious person. I dont pray god everyday. Rather i had do some help to poor or donate something.. Rab da naa leina hai and thats it.. I often go in gurdwara/mandir. I do sewa..langar banta hai mai vi..bartan saaf kite hain mai vi..why?

    Because i beleive in GOD? No bec I'm religious cause my parents are. My mom has taken 'Radhaswami'. Every week on Wednesday she goes work, seva, sweep there(jhaadu marna) WHY??? Because my mom get paid there? No because she is religious.. And i respect it from my heart!

    We many Indians beleive GOD.. Cause our background did. And same you kr@zy kewl, theist!! You beleive bec your parents do, your background did, from where you came..

    I dont beleive in GOD as something but i respect every religion..!!

    I as an atheist dont poke theist or force them to disregard GOD. But if you ask me, I'll always give my opinion. And thats what you have now..!!

    And i would like to advice you that stay religious. Pray god everyday :)

    But forget that there is some superpowerful God who made everything.

    Einstein : God doesnt play dice.


    Einstein : God was good at mathematics but the bible was pretty childish :P

    And I'm waiting for your special contact 'warrior' to give his philosophical opinion for GOD your Qn..anyway!

    Edit : Warrior virey you can use shortform "NS".

    Its okay. I wont question you theism. How truely theist you are. You are theist from your mind, heart, blood, soul. Its your choice..

    But being theist, beleiving it, doesnt mean GOD exists.

    If i ask you proof? You will say "how can you prove god doesnt exists?"

    For that i would say, "How can we prove something(god) doesnt exists which already doesnt exists at the first place?

    And about Einstein, he was not an ordinary man and neither i said hez god!

    He made thoeries which is not a joke. It all needs a great mind! And you said theories failed, updated? Naah there wont be any like these great people, if you dont know. Einstein was abnormal human. His mind was really different from us all. So to update what he has discovered wont be easy for anyone like us or in the upcomings. May be someone more abnormal may come and find out something more viscious. But anyway Respect the man! Einstein was a great scientist. No comparison!!

    Mind you, we, me you cant even think like how he thinks thinked..! His discoveries, theories are success. Somewhere it does have updated.

    But whatever his theories were will always be teached in the schools, colleges, universities. No one would teach you presence of god there.!!

    Religion and GOD? Bhai mere fight on religions eh kidhar di gal kidar faink rhe ho..loki fight in the name of religion Not god existence..

    Releigions can be made, and are made up by us humans only. Then who made really god? Animals? Dogs? Fishes?

    We humans only, we made religion, god for our own satisfactory.

    The problem arises when all the theist starts judging atheists in the same way!.

    Source(s): @warrior : whatever yaar i was proving GOd doesnt exists and all about Einstein bec i was in argue with this person on emails. He was saying Einstein is stupid. He is human failed blah blah. I dont wanna say anything for your GOD which doesnt exist. I cant write now, word limit. But man, you're taking Einstein as an ordinary unbiased one who gave just failed theories? Anyway. 2 people supporting each other. How can i win against their argue. Even Einstein would stay quite. And for you kr@zy. Einstein never said a word about god. Scientists dont! That above was just in the name of Einstein. How people really think isnt? Im just trying to answer them. One here thinking im trying to change them. Other thinking perfect atheist. I back off!! Due to lack of support for the arguement here. But i know a dear YA User. "UNIVERSAL" TRY ASKING THIS SIR.
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    3 years ago

    Good enough, I gives you and everyone else a (((((hug)))))))) however, creationists will have to try and study more in regards to the universe than simply from some ebook. In the event that they do wish to learn extra, I feel it will open up their intellect slightly wider.

  • Coral
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    7 years ago

    It can in some cases, that is why when you seek the Lord in spirit and truth, you build a foundation, one that can not be bought down so easy.

    Matthew 7:24-27

    The Wise and Foolish Builders

    “Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock. The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house; yet it did not fall, because it had its foundation on the rock. But everyone who hears these words of mine and does not put them into practice is like a foolish man who built his house on sand.The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house, and it fell with a great crash.”

  • Shiv
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    7 years ago


    So be far enough from them.

    Aum Namah Shivay

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Dat Engrish.

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