Reserves vs National Guard -> ROTC?

So to clarify my 'title' I graduated from my high school in January 2013, and I have already decided on a college (been accepted) and that I will be in their ROTC program. For all intents and purposes this is in the state of Ohio (I know some state funding rules are different and such...) anyways..

The recruiter I talked to at my college mentioned going into the National Guard while I'm in ROTC, SMP (I think is what the program is called). He mentioned I would get federal and state funding. And he preferred I would sign up when I came to college instead of a local recruiter so I would not have to find a way to drive 4 hours (my college is 4 hours from home) for drills every other weekend (I think it's every other weekend; however, I could be wrong). Now I know about the 'sign up' bonus all recruiters get which I could care less about, I realize some recruiters are more worried about themselves than I. But I met with this guy and I actually enjoyed talking to him, seemed like a human being to me. He talked to both parents, aunt and uncle.

Now, I recently had a phone conversation with a local recruiter who wanted to talk to me about the reserves. When I told him I already had a plan, he seemed a bit distraught. He immediately told me flat out the reserves is better than the National Guard. He said I ONLY get state funding with the Guard. I have scheduled to meet with the local recruiter Tuesday. I know better than to sign anything and I still prefer Guard but I would like to educate myself about the reserves also. Just want to know all options and be as informed as possible.

Now your turn to tell me what you know about either. Every bit of information is vital and greatly appreciated.

Quick note. School is primary for me. I am going for engineering (probably electrical) and then would like to serve post college, 4-6 years active. That is my plan.

Thanks in advance guys/gals.

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    First and foremost....recruiters do NOT receive any kind of bonus for enlisting recruits. They do, however, have a mission (quota) to enlist a certain number of recruits each month. The only benefit they receive is that if they meet their mission, they can remain on recruiting duty.

    The recruiter who suggested that you wait till you're at your college was correct. When you enlist in the Guard, they enlist you for a specific slot in a specific unit. If you sign up at your home town, you'll enlist into a unit close to there. If you do that, then yes, you'll be required to travel one weekend a month (not every other weekend) to your home town to do your drill.

    The biggest differences between the Guard an Reserves are the fact that with the Guard, the governor of the state can activate a guard unit to deal with local natural disasters (floods, earth quakes, fires, etc) or for civil defense (riot control). They CAN be federalized and deploy to a combat zone. Almost every NG unit in the country has done at least one deployment to Iraq or A-stan in the last 10+ years.

    Another biggie, tho, is funding for school. With the Guard, you often have state funds available for education which are not available to anyone else. Check out this website about the SMP program.

    Personally, if I had it to do over again, I would have gone this route. As it was, I ended up doing 23 years enlisted and retired at SFC.

    Good luck. If you have questions, feel free to e-mail me.

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    From you're telling me you are watching for college money. Here is the fundamental damage down on the institution benefits supplied through each USAR and NG. Simply so you already know you ought to take the Armed services Vocational Aptitude Battery. Aka. ASVAB. It takes a rating of 31 to enter both the NG or USAR right here is the college benefits of the NG MGIB = $329 MGIB "Kicker" = $350 (however you must score over a 50 on the ASVAB) SLRP = $20,000 (however they have to be preexisting scholar loans and maxes out at $3000 per year, so for you to get the full $20,000 you have to enlist for eight years) Tution ***. = $4,500 per 12 months here's what the army Reserves presents you MGIB = $329 MGIB "Kicker" = $350 SLRP = $20,000 (it can be ancient, new or future loans) Tution *** = $4,500 With both the school First and ECS software, you have to ranking above a 50 to be able to acquire it. An additional change between the NG and USAR is their funding. The NG is state funded via the state you're located it. The USAR is federal funded. Also in the event you determined to move in the middle of your NG contract i.E. You move from ny to Ohio, and you are a member of the the big apple NG, the NG may just recoup any money they already paid toward your education. Additionally the NG on your state is not going to pay for tuition in a different state i.E. You are member of WV NG but go to university in PA. The WV NG won't pay to your tuition in PA. Considering the USAR is federally funded, you could reside in any state and attend university in any state. You have to sourse of information is their respective internet sites. They both have chat rooms where you could ask questions and confirm what your recruiter is telling you.

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