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Why did my friend ditch me?

About 9 or 10 years ago when I was 7 I had a friend called Kate in my class. We were two of the shyest girls in school and we became best friends. Then one day when the whole class was coloring my friend Kate was letting everybody use her crayons, I didn't have any crayons with me so I just used hers. Then she told me I wasn't allowed use her crayons and then I couldn't finish my picture. I just don't get why she let everybody else use her colors when I was the only one who was actually her friend. We didn't fight or anything she was just a ***** for no reason.

Also in the yard she refused to play or talk with me because she said her mother thought I was a bad influence. I WAS NOT A BAD INFLUENCE, I can not stress that enough. I was shy and never got into trouble. So basically she just started hanging out with other people and ignored me. She forgot her book one day and was like '' I 'll hang out with you if you let me share your book.'' Then I let her borrow it and she still ignored me at recess.

Why did she do this? I'm just thinking of this because I saw her picture on facebook the other day, I didn't realze how bitter I was towards her until I saw her picture and saw how fat and ugly she had gotten, it made me happy. I feel angry even thinking of her. Why did she just turn on me? We were bst friends and she just ditched me. She moved to a different school and I haven't seen her in two years. I'm so peeved off at her I have fantasies that take place in the future and I'm rich, I see her homeless and I refuse to give her change. I want to make her regret not sharing her crayons

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    Why are you still stressing over something that happened ten years ago, dear heart?

    It is very rare for a person to have a friend for their entire life - - if it happens, fine, but know this - people come into our lives, and we enjoy the friendship, and spending time together - but then they grow, and their interests change - and they go on in their own direction, or simply outgrow each other - - there is nothing wrong with that - and it happens to every person on earth!

    We are not stagnant people - we are constantly changing, and so do our interests - - just because someone is a "former" friend, does not make them an enemy - as I wrote, we sometimes simply outgrow each other - you are SO young, and I promise you, your interests are going to change MANY times as you get older - over and over again, and you will find people who share those interests, and hopefully you will make a good friend to them, for the time that you are interested in those things.....

    and when you change, or your interests change, it is OKAY to move on, girl!

    As our own lives change and we hopefully mature, we find new friends, who share our current interests - and have fun sharing time with them - but yes, one or both of us often moves on - and it's okay - stop being so angry over something that truly did not have any effect on your life - it does not make sense that you allow it to continue - - you are older now - and hopefully you can move on - there are LOTS of people out there who could make wonderful friends -

    by stressing over this, so long after the event, you are giving all that power away - - and yes, you are giving it to HER - blaming her for your anger, which I'm sure she does NOT share - and that you want to carry a grudge for years ahead, only tells me that you have a LONG way to go to mature - - try focusing on some pleasant things, for a change - and let this go, and move on, already!

    and good luck, you're gonna need it!

    Source(s): wife and mother of six, now grown kids, middle school and high school teacher and counselor for many years
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    She was seven years old, some seven year old girls can be real bitches! My little sister (who by strange coincidence is seven) has a best friend who eighty per cent of the time treats her horribly. My sister comes home upset sometimes because this friend of hers is forcing her to do something or not letting her play etc etc.

    It's just little kid spitefulness. I'm sure I was just the same and I remember loads of mean girls (great film!!!) that I used to play with at lower school who sound like they did the same stuff that your old friend did. I don't think there's really any answer other than: Little girls can be real bitches! :)

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    i comprehend the type you experience incredible now because of the fact whilst i grow to be your age i grow to be dealing with an fantastically comparable difficulty. Alot of youngsters pass by way of this ingredient referred to as peer stress as i'm valuable you're conscious of. in the event that they think of the guy they're with is going to furnish them a bad image, they pass directly to the subsequent guy or woman. For some reason, youthful human beings experience the must be seen as prevalent. on the brighter facet, as you become older and graduate from college, alot of those human beings exchange and notice what they have been lacking out on with the folk they ditched at school. without the peer stress, they strengthen into their very own guy or woman and notice persons in a distinctive easy. What i pass to allow you comprehend is to no longer ignore those people who might seem unpopular to absolutely everyone else. you ought to be lacking out on the friendship of an entire life by permitting them to slip on by. i'm valuable you may quite have a pal whom you are able to have faith with something than somebody who grants a good image to the regularly used public yet isn't trouble-free. Am I incredible? There are good human beings obtainable...you only ought to maintain finding. desire my suggestion facilitates!

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