What is the loose style of jeans closer to skinny jean for guys?r?

I wear skinny jeans, not the skin tight girl kind but the nice levi skinny brand. I want to migrate away from skinnys but not get too baggy, what is the next looser size?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Got a Target store nearby? Check out Target's Denizen jeans ...they have a "skinny" jean that's probably what you're looking for. They are called Denizen 216 Skinny. Best deal is they're made by Levis but cost a lot less. They are 99% cotton and 1% elastane so they have a bit of stretch in them.

    Check out Old Navy ...they have "Slim" jeans that are also worth considering. The legs on them are straight (vs being tapered like on some skinny jeans) but the leg openings are still smaller than regular cut jeans. They are made of 100% cotton. The Old Navy jeans seem to have a lower rise to them than most but are very comfortable.

    For Levis check out the 511's ...they are a little looser in the legs but seem to fit like 510's in the seat/thigh area.

    I have pairs of all three of these jeans and they fit great.

    Source(s): Sitting here typing this wearing some 216 "skinnies" that really aren't that skinny :-)
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