Should one let ones relative out to take the waters?

His Royal Highness the 3rd Duke of Pomfery has asked that we house his fifth illegitimate son the 8th Earle of Pomfery twice reserved Ruprecht Dashington-Blithe for three weeks whilst they have guests. however we have been warned that he is such a buffoon it is not advised to allow him from his shackles and cage. now one was rather miffed as it is widely known that the Faversham-Shaftsbury lake although being dark and sludge like has been known to cure all manner of illness such as witch healing and plague carrying, although they all died it is still renowned to have cured the village idiot of his ills as he has now stopped drooling, so should i allow Ruprecht to take the waters in a hope he may be cured, or retain his shackles in the east wing. please advise.

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  • 8 years ago
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    I believe it is ''worth a try'' as the lower orders like to put it.


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