Opening hook on english paper on the definitions heaven hell and reality. Help?!?

im writing a report i have all of it done but the opening hook.

The paper is about the western and eastern definitions of heaven hell and reality.

my thesis is

What does reality,heaven and hell mean to the people of the world.

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    How about the startling revelation that Dante's "Inferno" and "Divine Comedy" were largely based upon Muslim legends about Muhammed's trip to heaven and hell?

    Not many people know that.

    From the Muslim Hadith [Traditions] comes this story after the Prophet's night journey to Jerusalem on a 'buraq' (a white, winged half-mule and half-donkey). A ladder is brought to him on which both he and his companion, the angel Gabriel, ascend to the door of Paradise, which is guarded by another angel. On the first level of Paradise, Muhammed is shown the site of Hell where he gets a glimpse of the torments of different categories of sinners before the flames drive him back and the lid clangs inexorably on the pit. On the second level he meets Jesus and John the Baptist. On the other levels he meets other prophets. Now I quote from al-Hassan's Tradition:

    "When I entered the lowest heaven, all the angels except one smiled and welcomed me... The reason, Gabriel told me when I asked, was that he was the angel of hell... Then I saw a man... Gabriel told me this was our father Adam... Then I saw men with lips like camels... I was told that these sinfully devoured the wealth of orphans... Then I saw men with bellies I had never seen before... These were the usurers... Then I saw women hanging by their breasts. These were those who fathered bastards."

    Now compare that with what Jesus said in Luke chapter 16, from verse 19 to the end of the chapter. That was how Jesus described hell, and 'the bosom of Abraham'. Important differences, you will note. But, really, you need to have your opening statements worked out first, from which the rest should easily flow.

    Source(s): Muslim views taken from "Islam, the way of Submission" by Solomon Nigossian (Crucible 1987) pages 128 & 152
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    Timeless elements of life and understanding are foreborn into man's daily existence, these deal with but are not limited to religion, spirituality, reality and faith. The concepts of reality, heaven and hell are different for all people of the world and may be as individual and unique as one's own dna and fingerprints.............

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    *** w09 11/1 p. 5 Myth 2: The Wicked Suffer in Hell ***

    The Wicked Suffer in Hell

    What is the origin of the myth? “Of all classical Greek philosophers, the one who has had the greatest influence on traditional views of Hell is Plato.”—Histoire des enfers (The History of Hell), by Georges Minois, page 50.

    “From the middle of the 2nd century AD Christians who had some training in Greek philosophy began to feel the need to express their faith in its terms . . . The philosophy that suited them best was Platonism [the teachings of Plato].”—The New Encyclopædia Britannica (1988), Volume 25, page 890.

    Source(s): plato
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