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Writing an essay on Australia?

For one of my classes i have to write four page essay on a Country of my choosing. I have always been intrigued by Australia so i choose it as my country. So far i have typed 9 paragraphs( 2 pages) And imm starting to run out of ideas to talk about. So far i have written about: Why i chose it, the original settelers, popultaion and location, the Prime Minister, some of their strange laws, marriage, Australia day, sports and religion. So if you have any topics that i could write about or know any interesting facst about Australia it would be awesome if you can share with me.

Thank You :)

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    Australia, New Zealand and the group of islands in the south Pacific Ocean are called Australia. Australia is the smallest continent in the world. Australia lies entirely in the southern hemisphere, the tropic of Capricorn runs almost through the middle of this continent Great Dividing Range is the major mountain of Australia.

    Murray Darling are the major rivers of this continent. Coal, iron ore, bauxite are the chief minerals found in this continent. Kangaroos, dingoes koalas are the unique animals found in Australia. The highest peak in Australia is Mt. Kosciusko. The Gibson desert, the Great Victoria desert and the Great Sandy desert are found in Australia. The most common tree of Australia is the eucalyptus. Australia is rich in mineral resources. Kalgoorlie is the chief centre of gold mining. Australia is the largest producer of Bauxite (Aluminum ore) in the world.

    The country Australia is the largest in the Australian continent. It has six states. Canberra is the capital of Australia. Christianity is the main religion of Australia. Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and Canberra are the chief cities of this country. Among these cities Sydney is the largest. Wheat is the most important crop of Australia. Australia is the largest producer of wool in the world because it has the world's largest number of ships.

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    Australia Essay

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    You could always talk about the weather. As Australia is such a vast continent, there are very extreme differences in climate, from region to region.

    Same goes for the flora and fauna and geology etc.

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    I would be interested in what the strange laws are.

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