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What rank am I authorized to wear?

I find myself in a very confusing situation that no one has been able to give me a clear answer on.

I am/was a PFC in the USAR, but last month I signed a campus-based ROTC scholarship making me...a contracted cadet on scholarship. As I know, an ROTC scholarship (not contract) nullifies my Army Reserve obligation, and prevents me from being eligible for the SMP program. As of now my USAR unit has not released me, and I am still required to attend drill.

I would assume I still wear my PFC rank, even though I am now a cadet, because I have not been released. I just want to be sure that I am not wrong here, because technically I am now a cadet. I just do not want to be "ate up". Not that a cadet is a step up from private by ANY means (in my opinion a step down if anything).

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    Wear your PFC at drill....wear your ROTC rank at ROTC functions.

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    Until you are discharged from the Army Reserves, you are an Army PFC. Wear your Army PFC uniform for Reserve drills. Ask your 1st Sergeant, he/she knows or will find out what is correct in your case.

    As far as ROTC concerned, you should probably wear your ROTC uniform for their classes and drills.

    Don't try to out think the Army by thinking up "technicalities". You are going to get yourself in trouble eventually. People who do this are called "Guard House lawyers".

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    Which rank do you have orders for. If you do not have orders for the dot rank than don't wear it. Soldiers think it is funny to salute a dot anyways.

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    The one you earned.

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