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想請英文高手翻譯下列網站的第2個影片(有關可口可樂數位網路Coke Digital Network)所述的大略內容嗎?當然能詳細一點更好,謝謝囉


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    There are an estimated 11 billion ways to engage consumers digitally today. This opportunity requires an intelligent digital delivery and communications platform. Introducing: the Coke Digital Network - the future of precision marketing.


    In a world full of digital clutter and asynchronous communication, there is a need for changing the way messages are delivered and consumed. The Coke Digital Network changes the game. This cutting-edge system enables the Coca Cola company to deliver digital media through a single integrated platform to various types of digital devices. The Coke Digital Network is already leveraging the synchronized power-of-presence in markets in the United States.


    The Coke Digital Network’s Precision Marketing provides in-house capabilities to enable tailored and efficient content delivery. The platform supports content delivery for regional, national, and global campaigns, promoting greater opportunities, for true consumer dialogue and brand loyalty.


    The Coke Digital Network has the potential to extend power-to-reach by connecting various digital endpoints and delivering harmonized media across markets worldwide. The Coke Digital Network drives precision marketing through contextually relevant advertising. Factoring in occasion-based variables, like time-of-day, local events, weather, and consumer proximity.


    The Coke Digital Network has the capability to import, transform, and distribute intelligent digital media while utilizing existing Coca Cola media sources. A single media source is analyzed and separated, then each layer is transformed and optimized for distribution. Based on advanced business rules for content and endpoint distribution, the same piece of media is intelligently published to multiple platforms. This saves time, money, and effort by eliminating redundant work across formats.

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    As the consumer continues to interact with the Coke Digital Network, knowledge of the consumer can grow, including information about how, when, and where they interact with the Coca Cola brands.

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    This potential dialogue can provide meaningful analytics and data, back through the entire value chain. This benefits the Coca Cola company, its bottling partners, customers, and consumers.

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    The value realized by consumers interacting with the Coke Digital Network can promote brand loyalty, advocacy, and consumer insight; driving sales, increasing productivity, and top-line growth.

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    As the word spreads and the world grows, consumers become an integral part of marketing the Coca Cola brand. The Coke Digital Network - the future of precision marketing.

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