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How did adolf hitler die?

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    Since 2009 and the Testing of the Skull and the Jaw Bone that was supposed to be Hitlers but belongs to a Woman

    we will never Know when the USSR collapsed 3 so called witnesses were Interviewed and Recanted their statements one said I saw Hitler who i recognized By his Uniform and his Boots being Cremated

    Hitler Never wore Boots and another said I did Not see the Cremations But you told the Russians you did Yes that was what they wanted to hear

    and we also Know Hitler Was alive on 1 st May 1945

    In 2009 I went to the WW2 Information center and asked how the testing has been treated and I was told since may 1945 Hitlers File has been Marked Hitlers Location Unknown

    there is no evidence that actual Confirms the Hearsay statements made By The Germans In USSR custody

    President Harry Truman asked Soviet leader Josef Stalin at the Potsdam Conference in 1945 if Hitler was dead. Stalin simply said; "No!"

    After a long and thorough investigation, Field Marshall Gregori Zhukov told Josef Stalin;

    "We have found no corpse that could be Hitler's."

    12 October 1945, General Bedell Smith, Eisenhower's Chief of Staff, said;

    "No human being can say conclusively that Hitler is dead."

    The Commanding General of the US Sector of Berlin, Major General Floyd Parks, stated for publication that he was present when Marshal Zhukov stated that Hitler might have escaped.

    Thomas J. Dodd, the U.S. Chief Trial Counsel at Nürnberg, said;

    "No one can say Hitler is dead."

    Colonel W. J. Heimlich, Chief of U.S. Intelligence in Berlin, was in charge of determining what happened to Hitler and after a thorough investigation, he stated;

    "There is no evidence beyond that of hearsay to support the theory of Hitler's suicide. On the basis of present evidence, no insurance company in America would pay a claim on Adolf Hitler."

    Nürnberg Judge Michael Mussmanno wrote in his book 'Ten Days to Die' that;

    "Russia must accept much of the blame that Hitler did not die in May 1945."

    In his book 'Frankly Speaking', Secretary of State Jimmy Byrnes wrote;

    "While in Potsdam at the conference of the Big Four, Stalin left his chair, came over and clicked his liquor glass with mine in a very friendly manner. I asked what was his theory about the death of Adolf Hitler and he replied - Hitler is not dead. He escaped either to Spain or Argentina."

    The magazine Diario Illustrade of Santiago, Chile published an article on 18 January 1948 in which it reported on an incident at Templehof Airfield on 30 April 1945. The writer was friends with a gunner in a Ju 52 that had young SS troops for the defense of Berlin. He reported this;

    “During this refueling operation he was suddenly elbowed in the ribs by his radio operator with a nod to look in a certain direction. At about 100 - 120 meters he saw a sleek ARADO AR 234. He and the radio operator saw, without any doubt whatsoever, standing in front of the jet, their Commander in Chief, Adolf Hitler dressed in field-grey uniform and gesticulating animatedly with some Party functionairres who were obviously seeing him off. For about ten minutes whilst their plane was being refueled the two men observed this scene and around 4:30pm they took to the air again. They were extremely astonished to hear during the midnight military news bulletin some seven and a half hours later, that Hitler had committed suicide."

    An article published in August 1952 entitled 'Hitler did not die' was subtitled;

    "Adolph (sic) Hitler's fake suicide in Berlin Bunker is now exposed as History's greatest hoax."

    In 1952, US President Dwight Eisenhower said;

    "We have been unable to unearth one bit of tangible evidence of Hitler's death."

    Captain Robert Thew (ONI then NSA) flatly stated;

    "We (the intelligence community) knew that Hitler did not commit suicide."

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    The soviet military claimed that whilst they reached Hitler's bunker he had died of a self inflicted gunshot wound. There are some who say that because of the fact the physique that grew to become into discovered grew to become into so badly burned, Hitler extremely escaped to South usa in 1945 and lived to the age of ninety 3. right this moment, that's certainly known that many SS officers have been able to flee to South usa, so it is not possibly outlandish that Hitler could have been able to flee. The 5 common innovations at the back of this conspiracy concept are: a million.)In those days, Hitler grew to become into between the main effectual men of his time. As such, because of the fact of a few bodyguards and so on., it would have oftentimes been a minimum of accessible to flee. 2.)The Gestapo chief Heinrich Mueller instructed his US CIC interrogators in 1948, that he arranged Hitler's get away from Berlin and that Hitler including Eva Braun flew to Barcelona, Spain on April twenty 6th, 1945. 3.)Soviet Marshall J. Stalin in 1945 instructed many Allied Leaders that Hitler escaped from Berlin. There never grew to become into an identifiable corpse of Adolf Hitler nor of Eva Braun. 4.)the full suicide tale of Hitler rests entirely on the concocted testimony of four fanatical Nazis. As they have been fanatical Nazis, they might have, of direction, lied to make an get away accessible. 5.)The Russian military even faked Hitler´s loss of existence via making a image of a double of Hitler. Elvis died of a drug overdose. i actually don't understand as plenty approximately him.

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    Suicide shoot himself. Probably the smartest thing he did in his whole life.

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    When Berlin was falling to the Russians, he, his girlfriend, his advisors and their families and his dog all took cyanide pills.

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    Shot himself in the jaw

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    like a rat

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    When he realized that the war was lost he committed suicide with his wife after killing their children and dog.

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    he poisoned himself and his family

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    He and Eva agreed to kill themselves. She swallowed cyanide. He both swallowed cyanide and shot himself with the gun he held in his mouth. The Russians didn't want Hitler's body to be a rallying point, so they took Eva and Hitler's body out of the bunker, splashed them in gas and lit them on fire.

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