PLEASE HELP!! im really worried that my boyfriend is cheating on me ?

i met my boyfriend of 3 month on this dating webiste called plenty of fish well my friend wanted me to login to her plenty of fish account and check her message so i did well i was searching on there for my boyfriend to see if he was online recently well when i checked he was online when i logged in what would you do im always one to jump to conclusions he didnt message my friend or anything and my friends said that he could be on it just looking for new friends so im one to give someone a benifit of a doubt im hoping she is right but im kinda scared that he is cheating on me he dont seem like that kind but ive been hurt in the past alot im 28 yrs old and he is 32 got his own house and everything and when we finally met we hit it off really good and fast he wants everything that i was which is marriage and a family how would you approach this situation

i met him on this website and im litterally freaking out that he is emailing other girls

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago
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    if you think it, talk to him about it

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