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Paying a real estate agent ?

do i pay the real estate agent how much i'd like to give?

im buying a house.

please let me know !


I know, usually the seller pays but this seller is not paying for my agent so i will have to pay.

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    I would depend on how much work he/she is going to do for you. If the seller is not paying then I assume, since I don't know, it is a for sale by owner. If this is the case I would want the realtor do do all the work he would normally do if he were to list it. I would want to have an accurate information sheet outlining the sq. footage, room sizes, lot size etc. I would want him to pull title, I would also want him to get all the sold compatibles of like properties for the past 90 days etc. I won't want to trust the owners information. to bias.

    On top of this I would want him to write up my offer and present it to the seller and negotiate the best price for me based on the market evaluation (get all paper work done)

    Since the realtor did not have to spend any money getting the client or showing homes to you (which is very time consuming) you should be able to negotiate a reasonable fee. I would just ask the realtor what he would want for his service. Just keep in mind the cheapest is not always the best. Get a realtor with knowledge. Its worth it. Also remember the realtor could be showing a customer that pays full fee instead of working with you. Time is money for a realtor since they work on commission.

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    When you meet an agent who you want to work with, the agent will tell you what they charge. The SELLER usually pays the real estate agent, so if you are buying, you will not have to pay anything to the agent.

    Edit: We here are the worst possible place to go for this answer. The very best place is your agent. Ask him.

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  • 7 years ago

    Real estate agents are paid a commission on the sale by the seller. If the buyer has their own agent to help broker the deal, then the commission is split between the two agents. As the buyer, you will not be paying the real estate agent.

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