Getting into Stanford as an international student (UK)?

Ive already asked this question but i didnt get the best answers

Okay so I'm doing the international baccalaureate and i'm expected 43ish. I only started in September and i've been getting 7's in all my homework's and class tests. My college doesnt put predicted grades above 43 because they say there's just no way of expecting that (even though last year 1 got 45, 4 got 44) but i honestly believe i can get 44/5.

I've been on holiday in California and got to go on a tour of Stanford. Its the most amazing place i've visited, excels in my area of interest (computer science, silicon valleys got the google and facebook headquarters etc) and i just love the idea of undergrad life in the us.

My advisor at school says that if i keep excelling in the IB, get great sats scores (im taking them in the summer) that i'll have a great chance of getting into a college like Stanford, maybe even with a scholarship of some kind.

But then i looked at some of the answers to questions on here, regarding getting into us colleges, and everyone answering seems to think its impossible to get in. They seem to think you have to be a world champion at a sport, come in first place in international maths tournaments and be in the news paper etc.

I even saw someone asking what else they could do to get into an ivy league, when they had got 2400 in their SATS, won countless science prizes at a high level, grade 9 guitar, sports leader, great socially, public speaking,etc. To be honest it sounded like a complete lie. He would've been viewed as a genius and publicised, to be held at a high level in all of those different areas at 17 or so.

Yet most of the answers were like 'everyone applying to ivy league schools do all of that and more, you need to really stand out' And he wasnt even an international student.

These colleges have an acceptance rate of 10% or less. I'm on my way to getting 45, which less then 0.3% of people doing the IB get. What else do i need to do? is it really this difficult to get into these colleges?

My cousins boyfriend got accepted into caltech with a 100% sports scholarship (this literally included flights during summer and winter holidays, absolutely everything) for football (soccer). He turned them down because of family issues but he is by no means a football prodigy and he got into an amazing college, full scholarship. He doesn't even play football anymore.

Is everyone on here just exaggerating or do i really have no chance of getting into Stanford? If not please for the love of god tell me what i need to do to improve chances (I know i'll never be guaranteed a place) Thanks in advance and sorry for the rant x

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    Only Harvard is more selective in admissions than Stanford. The overall selection rate at Stanford is less than 6%; however, the 6% includes recruited athletes, wealthy legacies and diverse applicants, all of whom are afforded significant preference in admissions and are admitted with lower scholastic averages. Admits with these attributes make up about half the class. Recruited athletes alone make up around 20% of the class. This is why it is far more selective for the majority of applicants, without the aforementioned attributes, than the overall averages indicate.

    Brown is not as selective as Stanford and yet only 16% of applicants with a perfect 800 Sat Math score were admitted; 21% of applicants with a perfect 800 Sat Cr. Only 24% of Valedictorian applicants were admitted.

    Harvard's advice on high school course selection:

    To have a good chance without the aforementioned attributes, an applicant needs to be well rounded in terms of extracurricular activities; have very high class rank; and 750+ scores on each section of the Sat and on Sat Subject Exams relevant to the proposed course of study.

    Scholarships at Stanford and Ivy League Universities are almost entirely based on financial need.

    This is an example at Yale. It is similar at Stanford:

    Berkeley is rated as highly as Stanford in Computer Science but does not offer financial aid(Scholarships) to international applicants. You'd more than likely have a very good chance of being admitted.

    The above rankings are for graduate programs and are primarily based on the quality of the faculty. At most universities in the US including Berkeley and Stanford, the same faculty teach graduate and undergraduate classes; however, US News undergrad rankings do not directly consider the quality of the faculty and do consider factors that make it essentially impossible for public universities to place in the top 20. US News graduate rankings are more helpful than their undergrad rankings. Of not admitted to a private university with a financial package that pays for the cost of the education, it would probably make more sense to go to a University in the UK- Oxford or Cambridge and then go to graduate school at Stanford or wherever in the US. There is financial aid available for International students for graduate programs in the US even at public universities like Berkeley with the exception of professional degree programs-Law, Medicine, Business, Dental School etc

    A UK Bachelors degree holder is generally at US Masters degree level since UK Bachelors usually don't include a lot of general education units. Most of the classes for one's major in US degree programs are taken in the last two years.

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    Good Luck!

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    Stanford International Students

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