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Homework Question: Alaska Case law?

What is the Alaska Case that adopted the ruling from Mapp V. Ohio? I have looked all over Lexis and the internet and am not getting a clear answer. Thank you :)


No I can easily find the case "Mapp V. Ohio". What I can't find, even using Lexis, is the ALASKA CASE that Adopted the ruling of Mapp V. Ohio.

Update 2:

Thank you both. it helped. It ended up being Stephens V. State of Alaska :). My teacher gives us all of the material to work from or at least a hint on how to find the material, but that question was far fetched and I could not find the answer lol. Thanks for the help and no hard feelings :)

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  • 8 years ago
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    i dont really buy that you have tried to look up this answer because i found a very clear answer in a matter of 2 minutes....

    "Mapp v. Ohio case decided in 1961 by the U.S. Supreme Court. Dollree Mapp was convicted in a state court of possessing pornographic material in violation of Ohio law…. The Supreme Court, in overturning her conviction, declared that the exclusionary rule (based on the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution), which prohibits the use in federal court of evidence obtained through an illegal search and seizure, extended also to state courts. "

    this website discusses Alaskan case, read this and see if that helps sorry, your question was worded to the understanding you were asking about the mapp ohio case. sorry for the misread

  • 8 years ago

    Alaska v. Gibson (No. 6635 - January 13, 2012), citing Stevens v. State, 443 P.2d at 602;see also Gallmeyer v. State, 640 P.2d 837 (Alaska App. 1982), citing VECO, Inc. v. Rosebrock , 970 P.2d 906, 922 (Alaska 1999) (concluding discussion in previous case “was necessary for our holding” and therefore not dictum); Gonzales v. Krueger , 799 P.2d 1318, 1322 (Alaska 1990).

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