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The Article of Confederation?

I need help with these questions base on the Federalist side.


1) What is wrong with the Articles of confederation?

2) Why can’t the articles be saved?

3) What are 2-3 points of the Constitution that solve problems created by the Articles of Confederation? How do they solve the problems?

4) What issues discussed in the State of the State and the State of the Union are relevant to your answer to question 3? Be able to use and apply these issues in a manner that backs up your points. Also, be prepared to use them as rebuttal during the debate.

5) You will also need to be aware of the amendments beyond the bill of rights. Identify 2-3 amendments that either support or can be used as a reason against the ratification of the Constitution. You need to be prepared to use them as defense of your position or rebut them.


From NO. 15 and 10

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  • 8 years ago
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    Below is basically what happened. It includes why the Federalist Party commercial interests called for a convention to modify the Articles. That convention created a whole new constitution which created a whole new federalized government and abandoned the prior confederate one (1781-1789). It also includes the concerns of anti-Federalist farmers and tradesmen who didn't trust (and shouldn't) the Federalist Party commercial interests.

    All over the world, at all times including now, urban commercial cultures (meaning everyone there, not just the "greedy capitalists") squeeze ever more of the profits from the cooperation between urban and rural cultures in producing and shipping commodities and products. Revolutions and civil wars everywhere, including both those of ours, happen when the urban cultures squeeze too much of the profits away from the rural cultures.

    The battle between Federalists and anti-Federalists began during the argument over today's constitution and culminated decades later in our Civil War. Secession was initially caused by increased tariffs against Southern state's lucrative foreign cotton and tobacco trade threatened by the new (formed in the 1850s) Republican Party taking control in 1861. The Union's building of blockades against seceding states' ports started the Civil War. See the second paragraph of my "Source" why we all have been fed a pile of crap about that war and many other things.

    Those were needed to compensate the economy being destroyed in the Northeast by huge hordes of my overpopulating Irish and German immigrant relatives undercutting wages and swallowing resources like mostly Asian hordes are doing to the world's economies today.

    The rest you must dig out from the two document references also below. I gave you a start here.

    The current structure and principles of government here in the US are all wrapped around the very fierce battle between Federalist Party bankers and merchants and anti-Federalist farmers and tradesmen. The latter soon formed the Democratic-Republican Party ultimately known as the Democratic Party (today's Republican Party wasn't formed until the 1850s). The anti-Federalists strongly opposed many Federalist policies and did not trust the new constitution the Federalists wanted so they demanded our Bill of Rights to protect themselves (and us) against domination from the Federalists.

    The primary reason the Federalist bankers and merchants called for a convention to alter the existing (then) constitution (the Articles of Confederation) was because that constitution allowed states to shut out businesses from other states. Those articles formed a "confederation" of independent states. Those were like independent countries aligned together without the overriding federal authority we have today.

    The Federalists also wanted a "well regulated (meaning fully trained and equipped) select corps of the young and ardent" to put down rebellions like Shays's the year before against Massachusetts banks. Anti-Federalists didn't trust the Federalists nor their new young militia corps drawn from the existing militia of all available able-bodied males; so they dedicated the new militia to first defend their states from federal domination and they registered citizens' rights to military arms for fighting with or against that new young militia.

    The third major problem was the original confederation depended on states passing on to the confederation assembly excess tariffs the states collected and didn't need for processing imports. The assembly never had enough funds to operate I suspect because no matter how much was collected by the states there just seemed to be not much left over to pass on.

    The arguments between Federalists and anti-Federalists, under many compromises hopefully students are still taught, resulted in the new Constitution we have today. Fallout from the conflict between the two factions eventually cost Federalist leader Alexander Hamilton's life from a dueling wound, and culminated in our Civil War decades later.

    The compromises were wrapped around the philosophies: that people should be free to live their own lives however they will against the attitude they need to be guided and protected; states should remain independent and aligned only for mutual protection (confederation) against them being overseen by a guiding and balancing federal authority (federation); and the needs of sparser rural cultures balanced against the much different needs of denser urban cultures with protection for the rural people against domination from the growing urban majority.

    Source(s): For decades I studied philosophies, cultures, and social institutions. I began that because of confusion resulting from my military experience under the shadow of neo-Marxist anti-military and anti-capitalism indoctrination in the universities. I continue a forty year quest wading through the huge pile of stinking crap a wide variety of bigots dumped on top of truth hiding it from nearly everyone's view. The pile was made by blaming people they don't like while excusing people they do like regardless of where the fault really lies.
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